Season Two Of Training a Very Disobedtient Female Submissve

In the beginning, the slave-Dominant relationship is one of excitement, servitude, and newness. This is fun and it should be, but just as with any relationship that you want to extend for more than a few dates, the honeymoon isn’t going to last. You will find flaws with your slave and your slave will find flaws in you (not that there are any, of course). If you want to extend the honeymoon and all of its excitement, you need to keep a few things in mind as the Dominant.


Change is Good

The main reason why BDSM relationships begin to falter, as so many other relationships do, is because you fall into a rut. This is especially the case with newer Dom/mes and slaves as you may not have a wealth of knowledge or skills. As a result, you continue to do the same things again and again. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it does make for some boredom – and quickly. Instead, you need to make sure you’re changing things up as the Dominant. Maybe your slave needs to be given other tasks or you need to change the way you train your slave. Simply find a few things to switch up and things can feel new again.

Challenges for All

The challenge of slave training is that you’re trying to mold a slave into a certain form you have in mind. In order to do this over the long term, you need to make sure you are challenging each other.                              WaterMark_2017-11-06-12-56-24

. The slave needs to be challenged to do more, to work harder, and to see just how much pain they can take. As the Dominant, you need to set new goals for your slave in each session, helping them grow into their role and to feel like they are making progress.

Change the Scenery

Just a simple change in the location of your sessions can make a BDSM relationship feel more exciting. Take your slave to a hotel room or to another location with which they are not familiar. This will help the slave feel as though they are not in control, which they are not. As a result, the slave will need to be more obedient and they will need to be even more subservient to find out what you want in this new situation…


I love Ball busting!!

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October is the month for creativity with a Dominatrix Cuba

! Halloween is just around the corner, which means only one thing, it’s time for dressing up in exciting costumes. Mmm . . . not that I need an excuse for fancy outfits!!!
Our English countryside is rich with a sea of rustic autumnal shades, and whilst I soak up the gorgeous sun in my gardens, my mind is plotting my next rendezvous with my gentleman friend.
Adorned in a figure hugging cotton pencil suit with contrasting black leather bolero jacket, gloves and thigh stiletto boots. They’re a match made in heaven.
So what have I been up to on this beautiful sunny October morning??? Well, let’s just say I’ve been organising, plotting and planning! All will be revealed very soon. One of my pleasures in life is to dress in exquisite attire using different materials. Silk, satin, leather, suede, pvc, latex, cotton, and lycra.


From figure hugging shapely jodhpurs, with a crisp white blouse, leather gloves, lace tied stiletto boots, vintage spurs, tweed jackets, to the stunning and ‘Oh So’ sexy leather attire, as seen in my recent photos.
How the mind works! Of course I do love leaving quite a bit to the imagination, to kick start those creative juices into something incredibly stimulating.
Autumn is especially good for me, as the weather is just right, not too hot, and not too cold!
I slip on my leather skirt with high waist and lace detail, over the knee stiletto boots, and my tailored leather jacket. After slipping on my leather gloves, I lace my silky lips with another layer of velvet red, and head out into my gardens for a stroll through the woodland paths. Oh I’m not alone. Thwack! “Come along christopher, you’re a little slow this morning.”
I tease him with my leather whip, and grip his chin with my leather gloved hand. I touch his bottom lip with my thumb, and then lift the back of my hand up to his nose. Without hesitation, christopher’s lips kiss my leather, his eyes close as he breaths in their signature scent.
I look into his gorgeous crystal blue eyes, and whisper;
“I’m collecting conkers, christopher. Do you know why?”

. do you remember as a boy in search for conkers, looking in fields, along footpaths, and in gardens, beneath the horse chestnut trees. Looking for the biggest conker you can find for that all important conker fight! Whose conker would last the distance, how many conkers could yours defeat? Corsets, lingerie & leather gloves! A striking combination. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a tight figure hugging outfit, especially when it accentuates one’s natural curves!
If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll be well aware by now how I have quite a passion for corsets, and the history behind them.
Today, corsets are made more for pleasure than as a uniform, and I’m delighted they’re appearing more and more in high street stores. I love period dramas, such as Downtown Abbey, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean or Penny Dreadful. In fact, I could list so many movies and television series that feature women in stunning corset attire.
Long may the movie industry feature women in corsets!
The photo attached is definitely one of my favourite corsets, purchased by a dear gentleman friend, and I’m very much looking forward to having the full set, along with a real life story that happened a couple of weeks ago! Yes I was wearing this very corset!


My Italian Leather Boots 2019

Stunning Italian leather boots!
Stepping outside this morning into the Autumn sunshine in my gorgeous Italian leather boots felt divine! My tight figure hugging latex skirt, lace detail crop top, and leather bolero with gloves was breath-taking for my gentleman to feast his eyes over!
I do love venturing outside in Autumn as the rustic colours against my black outfit looked incredible.
What a truly sensational day, and I can’t wait to crack on with editing the footage for my members to see. I know you’re going to love it!


What a splendid week, and I’m so pleased it’s Friday evening. I think a glass of something is in order, before settling down for the night! The Next Morning at 9.45 Am Shaw his is what I wear to my office! I love this style, although all you’re seeing at the moment is the bottom of my gorgeous pencil skirt and my Italian leather boots.
My pencil suit as you can see has button detail at the back, and it’s cut to my figure. I can’t wait to show you the full image! For now, and for those who adore stiletto boots, I will let you have a moment with this image!!!
Enjoy your Saturday evening, don’t forget the clocks go back tonight, that’s an extra hours sleep!!! Haha, not for me though!!!

Season One of Training a very disobedient Female submissive when you hardly have any time for her sessions (1936 until 2003)

When you read about BDSM, it’s hard not to think about bondage, ropes, cuffs etc. But for many people who want to have a Master or a Mistress, or who want to have a slave, it becomes a concern. After all, is bondage really necessary in a BDSM relationship? While it’s true that the ‘B’ seems to indicate this to be the case, all relationships have different fetishes and flavors, so maybe yours doesn’t have to include ropes. Here’s what you might want to keep in mind.


The Matter of Ropes

Ropes are symbolic of more than just some sweaty fun. Bondage, to some people, is also a way to show that the things that bind us are the things that also free us. Since most people don’t think of BDSM as a philosophy of life, let’s explain this more thoroughly. Most people have shame around sex and around their sexual desires. When a person chooses to incorporate bondage into their lives, it seems that they are trying to take their sexual desires out of the shadows, expressing their desires more freely and openly. For some, the idea of bondage is a way to tell the rest of the world that they don’t care about the conventions of society – that they will do what they want to do because it feels good. By being bound in ropes, some people believe they are freeing themselves of the restrictive attitudes toward sex.
Why ‘B’ is So Commonplace

Bondage is also quite common because it’s something that anyone can do – with little cost or experience. A few ropes from the local hardware store are inexpensive and a little practice (Bondage Tutorial) can offer a wide variety of binding techniques. Bondage is also widely accepted as standard practice within the BDSM world, so it’s something that is just linked up with those who are in these power oriented relationships.
Can You Train without Bondage?


Let’s face it – bondage can make training easier. When a slave isn’t wriggling out of the way or simply not staying in the position you want them to be in, things are easier on the Master or Mistress. But while the ropes that bind are helpful, it seems that the slave’s training should be encouraging them to learn how to stay in a position because their mind is making that choice, rather than because the ropes aren’t allowing them to have any other choice. So yes, you can train without ropes or ties or any other bondage tool. However, starting out with bondage at the beginning can help the slave learn to trust a Master or Mistress more fully, thus allowing them to be ready for the day when bondage isn’t necessary.
Controlling without Help

But the truth is that a dominant can control a slave without the use of bondage, if they like. What needs to happen is that the Master or Mistress needs to show the slave that they are completely under their control. This can be achieved through verbal training and humiliation, through punishments, and through constant training and assessments. Bondage can help in the initial stages, of course, but the power of the Master or the Mistress should be the overall motivating factor for the slave’s behavior.

Control is something that is defined in numerous ways. Bondage is just one form of control. While some might say that yes, bondage is necessary, a lot of this answer will depend on the Master or the Mistress. What does control look like to you



(Sseason Two will be releasing on the 8th of November at 2 O’clock in Afternoon)

Office Inspiration!

What inspires you? What puts a spring in your step? Can you think of something that will put a smile on your face?
If I had to answer those questions off the top of my head, I would think that’s tough!
With so much going on around the world, and boy, where would one start! Geo politics is so incredibly complex, and yet everyone has an opinion, and it’s definitely not a subject one wishes to enter into without first being armed with the facts, and not fake news.
How does one differentiate between fake and genuine news? I tend to stick with reliable sources, and I usually try and find three who are singing from the same page. It’s not easy, and the reason I’m mentioning it now is because I’ve been staggered at just how much fake news is out there, and how it can affect people’s decisions.

The internet for me was one of the most remarkable inventions, however, it’s also a Pandora’s Box!
It’s remarkable with the way messages, pictures and movies can be uploaded in a short space of time, and hit the four corners of the globe in an instant. Yet because of it’s instant arrival, one doesn’t really have the time to digest the vast amounts of data, and so what tends to happen is we’ll just go with the flow.
What inspires me? If I look back to my childhood, my thoughts go to athletics, wearing spikes, sprinting 400 hurdles, and throwing the javelin, and the people who inspired me were usually sports personalities.
I’ve always been keen on fitness, I love taking brisk walks through the woods, along the beach and across the countryside. I love horse riding, the feel of galloping through fields, gosh the adrenaline rush is phenomenal.
However, as I get older, well, one tends to slow down, and keeping fit is not as easy as it used to be. Yes sadly, it gets harder, the older one becomes. Yes it’s tough, but it’s worth the hard work, as the pleasure I receive from wearing great leather outfits, or in this case, as my photo attach shows, I’m wearing my office attire. This set was taken last week.
Now, many of you have written to me, as most are wondering how old I am?! What a fascinating thought! Or is it??? Mmm . . . I’ve bee asked so many times from people who are intrigued to know my age. Well, I’m fast approaching 48!
My inspiration today is producing photos that you love to see me in, and if I can do that and continue staying as fit as I can, then I’ve been inspired. I have you to thank for that!

During your time as a submissive, you will experience great highs and great lows. While you might have performed exceptionally at one point, you may have an off day and then feel like a failure. Or you might simply have a day when you feel as though you can’t please your Dominant, no matter how hard you try. Though these feelings are normal, they can be debilitating if you don’t work through them. Those who simply turn a day of failure into a label of ‘failure’ may never be able to pick themselves up again, and that signals the end of being a successful submissive and relationship.

Golden Autumn

An Indian Summer provides warmth from the hazy autumn sun, and despite the southerly winds picking up, I was able to capture some stunning shots taken this morning, in fact, just an hour ago!

My gardens are looking a little dishevelled and unkempt, not surprising from all the fallen leaves providing a thick blanket of rustic shades! Although I will just say, the landscape is still breath-taking!

I’m wearing my stunning gold satin corset with lace back detail, thigh leather Fernando Berlin boots, leather gloves and leather bolero jacket. A striking combination for such an occasion!

Now of course, these shots were taken shortly after I woke my gentleman from a deep sleep outside in a bed of leaves! Mmm . . . a rude awakening??? Or . . . perhaps not! Let’s just say, there were no complaints! More like fulfilling moans.

Little did he realise I had my cameras discretely nestled within foliage, hidden from sight! The sounds of heavy breathing, deep groans, a slight warm breeze, and the rays of sunshine filtering through. What a glorious Monday morning, before I send him off to work another day in the office!

Staying Focused During A Session with a Dominatrix 2019

While your Dominantrix aka your Wife (Chari Hilton Qavanagh) probably makes it look so easy, they’re depending on you to make each session productive and effective. Though you might feel you are completely under Their control, part of your job as your Dominant’s slave is to maintain your focus and your attention each and every minute of the scene. This isn’t always easy. With practice, you can become the sort of slave who is always ready for their Dominant’s next command. The sort of slave that makes their Dominant smile, albeit wickedly.

Clearing Your Mind

The best way to keep your mind ready for anything your Dominant might have planned for you is to clear your mind. No, this isn’t just a New Age concept. Clearing your mind is something that is crucial for a slave when they walk into the dungeon. You need to leave the rest of your life at the door when you walk up to your Dominant and get into the desired position. Everything that happened that day needs to be gone from your mind and everything that you might still need to do must be banished from your mind.

One way to do this is to write down every worry that you have on a piece of paper before you head into your session, leaving those thoughts for you to worry about later. Or you might want to learn to meditate as that helps you learn to quiet your mind. Close your eyes and try to push any thoughts out of your mind. It’s difficult at first, but once you practice a bit, you will begin to get better at it the more you try.

Staying in the Moment

Once you’re already in a session with your Dominant, you need to stay focused. This can be difficult for new slaves who are unaccustomed to so much happening at the same time. But when your Dominant wants you to count or to do something specific, you need to be ready and willing to do this. Here are some quick tips to staying in the moment:

> Keep your eyes where your Dominant tells you to – This will help you guide your attention to where your Dominant wants your focus to be.

> Think about what your senses are experiencing – Think about sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. How are these senses being engaged?

> Count along with your Dominant – This might be something that you do anyways, but if you are not told to do so, then you might want to count in your head to help stay attentive.

> Breathe each time you feel something painful – This will prevent your body from becoming too excited by pain and distracted.

What you’re trying to do is to bring your brain into the session and into what you need to do at the time. This will help you be attentive to the needs of your Mistress, even when she does not tell you to do certain things.


Preparing Ahead of Time

Of course, it never hurts to prepare yourself for the session ahead of time in order to be the best slave for your Dominant. Before you go into each session, you will want to think about things you might have done wrong the last time and ways you can be a better slave. Or you might want to think about ways you want to please your Dominant. If you have been given homework or tasks, make sure these are done ahead of time and that you are ready to show your Dominant what you have learned on your own.

Being a focused slave is something that comes with time, practice, and effort. When you want to become a true slave, one who submits fully, your focus is just another gift you give to your Dominant.



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