My sadistic can enjoy the suffering of my slave and submarines. This begins when they make their penis cage of chastity and has the quiz of comfort. First, there are only a few hours in which they deprived of their most valuable asset – the glans. Then, little by little they realize it will not take long to for weeks – to do my good will in his hand and a job even years – months. But otherwise in their hearts.

The meaning of my slaves and subs behind chastity is great, voluntarily signed and enjoy myself to enjoy myself and read the lust of the eyes can be achieved on schedule for a few hours.

They thus inevitably my sparkling eyes, my joy at seeing my joy and shine at the same time, at my wrist or ankle or my key chain. The key to his cage, his cell, his masculinity, his top priority in their lives. The constant addiction to the indescribable orgasm in men. It is pure waste of time and energy. Slaves and Subs can do much better and more efficient use. And soon they will learn what I liked, as his leading lady and could do well to get their long-awaited orgasm pleasure.
And it’s an incredible experience full of trust, commitment and passion that even after many years, can not forget, for me and for the week – in hand and must rely even years on my good will – months. But it is otherwise in their hearts
The meaning of my slaves and subs behind chastity is great, voluntarily signed and enjoy myself to enjoy myself and read the lust of the eyes can be achieved on schedule for a few hours. They thus inevitably my sparkling eyes, my joy at seeing my joy and shine at the same time, at my wrist or ankle or my key chain. The key to his cage, his cell, his masculinity, his top priority in their lives.
The constant addiction to the indescribable orgasm in men. It is pure waste of time and energy. Slaves and Subs can do much better and more efficient use. And soon they will learn what I liked, as his leading lady and could do well to get their long-awaited orgasm pleasure.
And it’s an incredible experience full of trust, commitment and passion that even after many years, can not forget, both for me and for my mistress Amelie. Sometime my slave (Leslie) asks me  why i am very Cruel to him. Well i tell him the truth & noting but the truth because are relationship is base on the Truth & only the truth but i still explain why i get very Cruel him. Because   its sometime him can lie to me witch me very unhappy also take me into a Cruel Mistress witch means punishment time for him. Sometimes in punishment sessions i ask a friend of mine to come a long to are Punishment Sessions so they also learn new Sexual stuff from me & i also get to learn new Sexual stuff from them in return for be kind to them. Sometime I invite Hannah (My Sister in law) to my house & we sometime play with Leslie & give Hardcore Training in basely every way so him Learns to never   forget   who his Real Owners are! Training Sessions for Leslie are very hard but if he has Excellent Behaviour Towards me and my sister get the sessions easier for him and for us girls but something Leslie Disobedience or a complete Idiot which the sessions harder but yet again he love to serve he’s true Owner and give them what   them want!.  But if Leslie is later severing me or is later picking me up then that when him get a   bonus of 15 more days in Chastity to understand that him must be on time next time. Mistress Amelie what are we doing 2016,  well slave I shall tell you now! On 1 January until April 1 I am taking a holiday trip with my family to Australia (Sydney) for two months. Slave meanwhile you are also going to have holiday for the two months , WOW  Mistress Amelie I Hope have a wonderful time over in Australia with your Family, Ah Thanks Slave I hope So but Slave I want you to Behaver for me while I am in Australia Because your behavior skills  lately have been disappointing and disgusting but if you change all that when I get back home from Australia slave I might ever let contact your family so we can go & visit them in Vienna. Slave I have a few more day left in Australia (Sydney) when I arrive home I want everything clean so that so it’s nice and shiny and spotless for me returning home…

(To be to be continued)

this is a Guide to a True and Successful BDSM relationship

this is  Guide to a True and Successful BDSM relationship

(Goddess Phoenix)

The Good Househusband’s Guide Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for her return. This is a way of letting her know that you have been thinking about her and are concerned about her needs. Most women are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially her favourite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed. Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when she arrives. She has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be a little gay and a little more interesting for her. Her boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your wife arrives. Gather up schoolbooks, toys, papers etc., and then run a dust cloth over the tables. Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare a fire for her to unwind by. Your wife will feel she has reached a haven of rest and order and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for her comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction. Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair and, if necessary, change their clothes. They are little treasures and she would like to see them playing the part. Minimise all noise. At the time of her arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet. Be happy to see her. Greet her with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please her. Listen to her. You may have a dozen important things to tell her, but the moment of her arrival is not the time. Let her talk first — remember, her topics of conversation are more important than yours. Make the evening hers. Never complain if she comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead, try to understand her world of strain and pressure and her very real need to be at home and relax. Your goal: Try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquility where your wife can renew herself in body and spirit. Don’t greet her with complaints and problems. Don’t complain if she’s late home for dinner or even if she stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what she might have gone through that day. Make her comfortable. Have her lean back in a comfortable chair or have her lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for her. Arrange her pillow and offer to take off her shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice. Don’t ask her questions about her actions or question her judgment or integrity. Remember, she is the mistress of the house and as such will always exercise her will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question her.

The letter for Dominatrix Rosalita

The letter of John (to Mistress Rose)

Here is the letter that was written before the castration session at Mistress Rose place.
John wrote:

“Dear Misstress

I am missing our conversations and talks about the male castration.

I am missing you a lot.

You are on top of my fantasies about being castrated by such a woman, a lady like you. You are the most beautiful Mistress. I need you to fulfill my fantasy which is to be castrated by a Mistress like you, particularly by you as the best.

I am often thinking that we come to the secret place of Yours, that you get me naked and barefoot there and prepare me for the Castration. I can imagine you on top how you are tying up my legs, hands, my scrotum, and give me injection between the legs and into the scrotum as painkillers. Then I imagine how you are opening the scrotum using the scalpel and pull the testes out. In my further imagination you cut off each cord of the testes using scissors. Then you prevent the blood loss by tying up the cords and veins and you burn the wounds. You do it slowly to each testis respectively. I can hear how the testes drop one by the another to the jar for testes or balls. The balls are out of scrotum and cut off. You have castrated me on purpose. I am still conscious and see that you are sewing the empty scrotum. You have put only a few stitches.

Two weeks later we are out for a dinner. Nobody knows our secret. Only you and I know that you have castrated me. It was a great surgery you did. You from time to time touch the empty scrotum and caress the wounds to recover faster. I am your castrated slave or eunuch. Later you would like to do another surgery as to take off the skin of empty scrotum…. better to be seen with less skin and tightened.

Sincerely Yours


Next week she did something of this. It is described in a story of the wet

Mistress Rosalita tumblr_o0flpqMtdE1spgt2go1_1280

He must serve me. He has to worship my feet.


Fantasy: Last dinner with the balls She invited me for a dinner at her place. I came. I came in the afternoon, late afternoon. She was beautiful. Her outfit was irresistibly. Black an dark blue dress, minus skirt, black nylons. she was irresistible. She was very kind with me. ……. The night Evening, night dark night She called me to her room. I went. She said: “Are you ready to serve me as a subservient her Mistress” I was surprised although I had some fantasies like that before. I never thought it would happen. ………. The castration I was on the floor naked. She forced me to lick her feet, ankles, and vagina. I was completely hers at that moment. I had desire to penetrate deep inside her. I already had ejaculated premature. “Oh what a mess!”- She said. “Maybe I need to take all control over you.” “Yes, dear Lady.”-said I. “We need more time”- she said and started to tie me up. She tied me up in a few minutes. I was very surprised when she started to tie up my balls with the elastic bands. “What’ s this, dear Mistress?”-said I. “I am going to castrate you tonight”-said she. I thought it was a joke or simply her new role-play but…… -“ I wish to castrate you, are you consented?  I would do it in a surgical and safe way if you were consented. You would lose your balls for me.” -“Oh, dear Mistress, you are irresistible…. I can’ t resist you. I have had this fantasy of being castrated by you since I met you.” -“I’ll do my best to castrate you… I’ll do it on Friday or tonight.” -“Yes, Mistress.” -“You’ll be my eunuch then. Are you consented” -“ Dear Mistress, it must be a great honor to get castrated by you, but will you keep our secret?” -“Of course I will.” Then she tied me up. I was tied up by bed. My balls were exposed to her. She gently cut the scrotum opening it then pulled my balls out. “Now I am castrating you. Your testes belong to me. I will cut them off. Are you still consented?” I said: “I m not sure.” She slapped me twice and say: “ No escape, you’ll get what you wanted. I am castrating you and your balls will drop” After half an hour I had no balls left. I had only an empty ball sack. “You have castrated me very well.”-said I without any balls left. “It’s an irreversible did. You have been castrated for good.” -“Mistress, please let me be yours for ever.” -“You certainly will be mine for entire life. I will play with you..” -“Will you keep my balls somewhere?” -“Yes, in this jar (showing me my balls She had just taken)” -“Please Mistress, don t tell anybody.” -“It depends of your behavior.” She was so beautiful that night I would remember for the rest of my life. She castrated me surgically at the end of that night.


Her name is Rose. She works as a secretary in a big Company in England.

She is also a professional dominatrix. She is not a prostitute and never was. Only once she was force to do something like that. She had to seduce a business man and make love to him for getting something more for the Company. She was ordered to act like a Mistress and She did perfectly. It’s how she started to dominate men. She is aware that she can do all.

She likes green-black and brown outfit, minus black skirt and green blouse. She very rarely puts pantyhose on. She likes that she can exposure her cunt whenever she likes. Many times she has been fucked just in this outfit.

Her hair is irresistibly beautiful.  It is dark brown, very long and shinning. Her eyes are blue.

Three times a week she gives sessions.

She has a maid helping her for some medical session. She studied medicine for two years but later she graduated law, but works as a secretary of Mr. John, the president of the company.

Mr. John has a look of a slender man. He is tall, with brown hair and dark brown eyes.

He is also a client of Rose. She likes to dominate him. He is a boss who is dominated by her secretary very often.

Rose and her nurse assistant  Anastasia are very close to castrate him. They know very well that he likes the medical fetish and they has taken advantage on him many time.

Rose wants to castrate him since their first mutual session that took place about two years ago.

Now he has come to this last session for his manhood. He is not aware that it is going to happen this time for real.

-“Hello, dear Mistress Rose. Hi Anastasia.”

-“Hello, dear John, Mr. John but still my dear subservient slave, isn’t it!?”, said She.

He has come with a lot of Castration Fetish fantasies. The secretary Rose is aware of his Fetish. She has been waiting this session for two years. Now he has come to get castrated but he does not know yet. He thinks it will be only a play. Rose is very happy now. She has put on her best outfit described before.

-“Dear  Rose, where are you going now?

She has opened her beautiful eyes looking at him…….. “Mm, maybe I need a subservient to fuck me? Do you want to fuck me?

-“Yes, Mistress!”

-“Are you fucking alone to get castrated, dear slave?”

-“Yes, dear Rose.”

-“Say Mistress always when we are alone. Anastasia will come in a minute. She is in the bathroom.”

-“Yes, Mistress, dear Mistress.”

-“Mm, better. We shall travel together and alone in this Castration Fantasy role-play.”

-“Yes, Mistress.”

He is getting very arouse. She is getting very hot and wet. Anastasia is coming.

She has noticed now that his penis is getting harder. She wants to see his privates. She has seen his erections many times before and She always likes that.

-“Now dear Slave, would you mind if I asked you to lock the door?”


-“Do it, and put the curtains. Nobody has to see what we shall do.”

He has done it.

-“Now, take off your clothes.”

He is taking off his clothes.

-“Take it off , all!”

-“Yes, Mistress”

He has got completely naked before her. His penis is erected. It is a great erections that rare happens. His balls are lifted also, almost too much, She would say “critically”.

-“Mm, nice. On your knees slave!”

He has got on his knees as She wants. He is kneeling before her. She has showed him her beautiful legs in order to get more erection. They has got the record again.

She has noticed that his balls are also lifted and almost to enter into the groin. Indeed that has never happened to him.

-“Mm, you can’t control your erection. I see I have to teach you a lesson and correct your behavior somewhat.”

She is taking her whip that She had in her suitcase. She always has it in her suitcase a black, not too much long leather whip.

-“I ll give you a lesson. On your knees and hands.! Open the legs widely!”

-“Yes, Mistress.” He does always what She says.

She has started to whip his back, buttocks and from time to time his balls but not too much hard. It is a very gentle whipping for now, just to make him to feel some pain.

She is very wet. She was very aroused. Anastasia is looking what they are doing. She is waiting her turn. Anastasia is very beautiful. She is a blond and tall young woman. She is in her medical blue outfit. She  has put on her nurse uniform.

Rose is torturing John. She wants to castrate him in succession.

-“Ok, that’ s enough! Stand up and show me your penis and balls. Now!” said Rose.

He has stood up. He is aroused to the Sky, but his balls are almost invisible. They are lifted too much. She knowa that She had to do something. It is not a big problem for her. She knows all. She knows how to pull the balls down, to bring them back into the scrotum.

She has pulled down his testicles down back into the srotum. Great!

She has ordered him a long cunnilingus.

-“Mm, keep licking me”, said She.

He cannot talk, he has her in his mouth.

-“If you stop now, I will punish your balls.”

Now Rose has changed her mind. She has ordered him to take her from behind and get deep inside her. She very rarely allows that to her clients.

-“Take me, John. Take me deep and come there. You need to come.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress.”

He has got very deep inside her and come in a minute. She has also come a few minutes later. He has kept holding her since he left all the sperm inside her. He has been holding her breasts and the pubic area and touching and massaging her clit. She finally has come.

-“Oh, it was short but very good. Fabulous work. Well done, slave.”

-“Thank you, Mistress.”

-“Show me your balls.”

-“Yes, Mistress.” Everything is OK although he still has some erection. She likes that, but she has done what a Mistress of her reputation and glamour must have not ever done. Indeed She has allowed a subservient slave to fuck her like an animal. It has been  a fuck. She has to correct that fact.

-“You have come. I have your cum deep inside. I think that you have to pay the tall you have got.”

-“Yes, Mistress.”

-“It’ s not only money. I am not a whore.”

-“No, you are my Lady, you are my Mistress, you are all, dear Rose.”

-“After this I have to castrate you. I want you to lose these balls for me. I would do it personally when my nurse assistant.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress.”

-“You know after this you cannot be my subservient slave. You only can serve me as my eunuch subservient after this act. Are you consented that we do it now?”

He has been thinking it will be only a role-play that they have been playing since their first session. It has seemed nothing for real.
He is being aroused again.

-“Yes, Mistress. I am consented. When do you plan to castrate me? When will Anastasia come to join you?”  Anastasia has castrated more than 20 times for real.

-“Anastasia, come!”

Anastasia is coming , but this time it will be for real.

-“Yes, Mistress!”

-“This time I will not only touch your scrotum with the scalpel and make a little wound that passes in a few hours. This time Anastasia and I shall really do it. We shall cut your scrotum in order to open the passage for the testes. We shall pull them out and this time cut the cords. We shall secure the cuts, the wound, a few stitches and we shall band the wound, be nursing you, taking care of you and be sure to make you a real eunuch.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress!”

“Now, take off your clothes again and get on your knees and hands. We shall castrate you if you don’t mind.”

He has done what they said but added: “Please don’t castrate me now. I am not ready for such a big step and it could be very painful.”

She looked at Anastasia and said her:

.“Get him by his balls.”

Anastasia has taken his penis and balls in her hands. She has slapped them several times. He is crying now.

-“I wish to castrate you” said Anastasia.

He is thinking it is only a play.

-“Will you sign this paper of your submission and consent to the castration!

-“Of course, I will”

He has signed that document. He signed his castration by his secretary and mistress Rose and her assistant Anastasia.

They are tying  him up by the desk in the medical room.

Anastasia has started to shave his privates. She is doing very gently.

-“I am the surgeon” said Anastasia and added

-“I will castrate you.”

He is very much aroused. He thought it would be only a play. It has been always Anastasia’s favorite role to mock the castration.

But this time it is going to be for real.

They will surgically castrate John.11403018_1463958600567813_1457119786622092103_n

Les Filles Divines

Day One: Tracy & her friends were on their way home of the Office in the main city & then (Aure) one of Tracy friends said girls we should become (Professional Mistresses ) together that was a fantastic idea. Tracy and her divine friends to decided spent their weekend by taking a trip to France to have a peaceful weekend together before as started work on Monday.  First day in (Paris) France : Tracy arrived in France on Friday morning after spending Thursday packing their suitcases for Friday morning. When Tracy park the car then Aure said to Tracy you & Marina find the ( Parking Area) me (Aure) & Cristina will check us divine girls in the (Hotel del Carmen Gloria) then when me (Aure) and Cristina are finished doing that we will meet you (Tracy) and Marina in the hotel restaurant for some lunch after lunch Tracy & her divine friends decided to call it a day because it was late and Tracy had drove a long way nonstop.Second day in (Paris) France: On Saturday morning the divine girls wake at 8:30am & then they to decided to go downstairs for a (French Breakfast) then when the girls had finished (breakfast) decided to check out local French town called (Santa Fé anglé ) when Tracy & divine friends arrived in Santa fe angle they went into the Shopping centre of (Santa Fé anglé) to do some shopping they want food for themselves once they got back to their hotel it was lunch time so shared the food they got at (Shopping Centre).after they have lunch have free time (chill out & relax) before go out again in an hours time. Third day in (Paris) France: Later on that same Saturday Tracy & her divine friends decided to a nice & peaceful restaurant in town of (Santa Fé anglé) & Centre of town (Santa Fé anglé ) there was a French restaurant called ( Les trois petits pêcheurs français de Paris) so when Tracy & her Divine friends find the Restaurant ( Les trois petits pêcheurs français de Paris) they sit down at a table outside in the of the garden watching the boats & looking at the French sea port of (Santa Fé Anglé) then the waiter (Louis) came out & saimay I take your order for the drinks,Tracy said sir we should two beers & two coco cola light (Fifteen Minutes later) the waiter (Louis) came back to the table with their drinks,now he said lady’s may take your food please, I shall cheese burger avec de la salade (Aure) for me the poulet rôti avec des frites (Cristina) for me (Marina) & Tracy we shall share salade avec des tomates fraîches et fromage de chèvre frais thank you for your order lady’s your food will be ready soon after (Fifteen Minutes) had pass the girls started eating their lunch & drinking away then Cristina said girls please excuse me from table & the girls replied are you all right Cristina,& Cristina replied to the girls I fine only need the (Toilet)then replied girls of we wait for you (Cristina) back at the lobby area hotel so then replied Fantastic meet you there on the why the toilet Cristina bumped into a very good looking and attractive young teenage girl who was smoking in bar area so Cristina decided to her. (End of First Chapter)  

Cristina & her new French relationship The young teenage girl ( Monica Bianca) said to Cristina please sit down & join for a few drinks & Cristina replied why not don’t mind if I do said Cristina not a tall replied Bianca then Bianca smoke & Cristina replied yes smoke, then Cristina ask young teenage girl what is your name? & the young teenage girl replied to Cristina question & answered my Monica & Cristina said what a wonderful name you have Monica said Cristina reaping Monica thank you what is your name Monica said to Cristina, My is name Cristina,,,, nice to meet you Cristina said to Monica same to you so Monica. So Monica tell me what you are doing here a alone? I am Searching for a lesbian relationship with other girl, Oh Fuck answered Cristina, are you all right shouted I am Wonderful answered Cristina to Monica then Monica said to Cristina hey Cristina would like to be in a lesbian relationship with me said Monica smiling at Christina with happiness So Cristina Answered give me time to think about are little conversation if that all right said Cristina five minutes later Monica said that Great Cristina think it over & when have maid your mind up come & find me said Monica,,,, five minutes later Cristina said to Monica before leaving for her Apartment how will I find you answered Cristina by explaining to her that in the small town of (Santa Fé anglé ) were houses & next to were apartments,, Fantastic answered Cristina oh what is your apartment (Letter or Number) Monica answered Cristina its apartment 5c at the top of the stairs to right now I must go now (Shouting I Love Cristina ) quickly reaping ( I Love You Too ) that Monica was on her way home from the Restaurant. Cristina was left to walk to back the hotel & she arrived at hotel later when Cristina walk into the lobby area the other girls had gone to bed because it was later & Tommrow was their last day in France (Paris) before leaving for Home England (London) so Cristina quickly packing her suitcase for the trip home but Cristina saw Monica at hotel before Cristina left for England (London) but Cristina want to stay in Paris & get know more information about Monica,Monica promised to write love letters to Cristina & Cristina promised the same to Monica. In the morning at 11:00 am Tracy her divine friends started their long trip back to England when arriving back in England the next morning they all began work again but for Cristina her life had changed the That moment eyes on young Monica in France. ((End of  Chapter  Second ))

That same day Monica said goodbye to Cristina in town after that she arrived at her apartment & lay on her bed crying her eyes about Cristina an hour later Monica fall asleep four hours later she wake up & decided to write a love letter to Cristina in England. (The Love letter) (Dear Cristina I love you & miss you so much & you come & visit me so we get to know more about each others life’s & families & I hope you to permanently decided to stay with me in France. sincerely yours Partner Monica) after writing the love letter she when to go to the nearest post office in (Santa Fé anglé ) the post the letter to Cristina & then Monica how dose it to send this letter? Asked herself reading list of Country’s outside the post office door the final find right payment for her letter ( qui était de deux euros cinquante cents) a few days after Monica wrote the love to Cristina. There was long replied love letter back to Monica from Cristina. ( End of  Chapter Third )

Three months Cristina  decided to go and  visit Monica to tell her a secret so when Cristina at Monica apartment she pack her car in the car pack and took lift up level five when lift reached all Cristina had to do was

knock on the door of Monica apartment to see if she was in, Cristina knock twice on the door and there was no answer from Monica but Cristina decide to go for a walk around the local area five  minutes Monica wake up for her sleep not know that an hour   earlier Cristina was there Cristina local pack out Monica apartment so if Monica show up Cristina could see her. (End of Chapter Fourth) 12647059_1515010108795995_3478014787528413393_n


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