The Darkest and Prettiest Mistress the world has ever set Eyes upon

introduction: Mistress & slave “Slavery” Contract

Of my own free will and out of a desire to express my love and devotion to the Woman I love and adore, I offer myself in slavery to my Mistress for the period beginning on __________ and ending at noon on_____________.

Although I consider myself to be a slave full-time to Mistress, during the time period expressed above, I will devote myself completely and totally to the pleasure and desires of my Mistress, without hesitation or consideration of myself or others.

Chapter One : Rotten Mistress & Her General Rules

The slave agrees to obey his Mistress in all respects. his mind, body, heart and time belong to Her. The slave accepts the responsibility of using his safeword when necessary, and trusts implicitly in his Mistress to respect the use of that safeword. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safeword or gesture, his Mistress will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action. The slave shall keep his body available for the use of his Mistress at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his Mistress possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The Mistress will discuss all such instances in advance with the slave, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits.

The slave shall demonstrate his acceptance of his role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by his Mistress. The slave acknowledges that his Mistress may use his body or
mind in any manner She wishes within the parameters of safety. She may hurt his without reason to please Herself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect his treatment. Further, he accepts that if his Mistress tires of his noise, she may gag his or take other actions to silence him.

The slave will answer any questions put to his honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information his Mistress should know about his physical or emotional condition. While his Mistress expects her slave to speak honestly and forthrightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. He will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress’s judgment in these matters without further complaint.

The slave will always speak of his Mistress in terms of love and respect. he will address her at all times as either “Mistress” or “Goddess,”

The Mistress may give the slave “free periods” in Her presence during which the slave may express himself openly and freely. There will be no punishments applied during “free periods.” It is understood, however, that the slave will continue to address his Mistress with respect and love at all times and that deviations from the rule are subject to punishment at a later time. The slave agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of their contract, and will accept the correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at the Mistress’s pleasure, and the Mistress shall make it clear to the slave that he is being punished when punishment occurs. The Mistress shall endeavor not to inflict physical harm upon the slave that might require the attention of anyone outside the relationship. Mistress and slave agree that in extremes either may activate a free period by using the safe-word. The free period will continue until both parties agree that the problem(s) concerned are resolved.

The slave is permitted to engage in any and all activities not actively forbidden by their contract or by later edict of the Mistress. All rights and privileges not otherwise noted in the contract belong to the Mistress, and She may exercise them as She chooses.
To be continued . (Release Date 24th of November at 3:00 pm )

Europe Time

Chapter 2 Of Café Table.


Chapter two: Meanwhile , Maîtresse Nathaly and Mistress Emily were having Sexual Orgasms  Nicolas however was enjoying himself a bit to much ..because he was supposed to be looking after the luggage for us ladies  But non.he wasn’t looking after the luggage for us Ladies he was Masturbating himself away like mad pig releasing a lot of spunk and sperm all over the luggage,   Suddenly. Photo_talks_1572417425840.jpg

Maîtresse Nathaly open  the rest-door to see Nicolas very happy and Smiling at us , Nathaly ask me do you think Nicolas has well behaved o very naughty.  Emily I know that smile on Nicolas face that’s because hiding something for us babe. So Nathaly was suddenly superprice about his naughty body language and attitude us so she decided that we ask the café table to right us so they could give us a Opinion on matter at hand .

French Country

Once upon a time in Europe two hot ladies met for the first time in a café in the airport.They had a little conversation, and exchanged telephone numbers and emails Little while, they both had something in common … that’s we were dream of each other have a serious relationship between us and having our own serious Private French Farm in France in the French Country Side where by we would work  together and daily Training & giving discipline towards naughty and nasty little Lesbian brats..  Capture+_2019-10-28-14-42-19all Sudden while  we are sitting at the Café table Nathaly was Rubbing my Pussy with her Long Tight  thigh high boots and making me a little Wet , so I had to jump up from the café table running for ladies rest-room …..







Goddess Dienstleistung : Chapitre Deux (Ch 2)

Votre femme soumise passera la plus grande partie de son service à regarder vos pieds

So why do most Dominant women spend the majority of their prep time on everything other then their footwear.

Their shoes are usually an after thought, just throwing on what they have to complete an outfit. However, you must understand that the truly experienced Dommes will start by selecting the proper foot attire and create their appearance around their sexy footwear. Hair, makeup and outfit are important to your Dominatrix presence, but none of those will ever enhance the pure power and sensual presence like a proper pair of Goddess boots.

If you want to strengthen your control and power over your submissive, then you need to give him something to focus on while instructing Her . Think of a snake charmer and how the movement of their flute hypnotizes the snake. The shoes/boots you choose can have the same effect on your submissive as you walk back and forth in front of their bowed head.

The sight of the sleek and powerful lines, the smell of the leather as it fills his nose and the feel of your heel as it presses into his flesh. The right pair of Power shoes can send a submissive into an instant state of subspace.

Goddess Dienstleistung L’arme secrète pour améliorer votre pouvoir Dominatrix…!!!

When it comes to demonstrating power and enhancing true Domina beauty, it all starts from the feet up. In fact, what you choose to wear on your feet can make your entire Dominant presence.

There is just something so awe-inspiring about seeing a true Goddess in a pair of 6″ heel thigh high boots slowly work her way towards her kneeling slave .

The height from the platforms elongates your sensually Dominant frame, causing your sub to feel even smaller in your presence. The light bouncing off your boots encompassing your entire body with a divine like aura that will transfix your sub’s eyes. The stiletto heels will send shivers down her spine as she imagines it pressing against her flesh.

The height from the platforms elongates your sensually Dominant frame, causing your sub to feel even smaller in your presence. The light bouncing off your boots encompassing your entire body with a divine like aura that will transfix your sub’s eyes. The stiletto heels will send shivers down her spine as she imagines it pressing against her flesh.

Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful and powerful all at the same time then a pair of sensual leather or latex high heel platforms boots. Every woman knows what it feels like to slide a pair on and instantly feel more beautiful and comfortable within yourself. Shoes make the outfit and they can also make you feel more confidence as a Dominatrix. They can help you Unleash the Strong Feminine Goddess within, give you the support you need to find that Powerfully authoritative voice and look absolutely gorgeous to those wanting to worship you.

All professionally known as 50 Real Reasons

All Reasons to Serve/to be a slave of Goddess Lynn or Mistress Donna in Winter 2019

1. To please Her

2. To service all her sexual desires

3. To make Her Mistress or Mummy very Proud or Happy

4. To provide To Mistress with Her Fullest Emotional support

5. To learn how to relinquish all control to Her Mistress or Mummy

6. To understand what Mistress or Mummy wants and to provide it for Her with

7. To share completely in Her life.

8. To thank Mistress or Mummy for choosing Her.

9. To show Mistress or Mummy that the most important thing in her life and her Mistress Life

10. To show gratitude for Mistress or Mummy love.

11. To show to Mistress or Mummy gratitude for Kindness.

12. To show gratitude to Mistress or Mummy for knowing what is best for me.

13. To show how much trust Mistress or Mummy.

14. To learn patience, for Mistress or Mummy

15. To learn to trust and move past insecurities.

16. To show how proud to belong to such a wonderful Mistress or Mummy

17. To learn to anticipate her needs and provide them without being asked.

18. To show Her the extent of desires for Her.

19. To show appreciation for Her willingness to take care of Mistress or Mummy

20. To show appreciation for how hard Her works to take care of us.

21. To show Her that recognize the sacrifices Her has made for us.

22. To help relieve stress

23. To show that can give Her a clean organized house to come home to after Her long day at work.

24. To show Her that She respect Her as Mistress , Wife and Mummy .

25. To give her peace of mind when things around Her are chaotic.

26. To provide Her with comfort and understanding.

27. To provide to her with humor when She is sad.

28. To share in Her Kinky and Wet dreams.

29. To grow our relationship beyond sex and duty

30. To experience total submission when need to be in control is not in Her best interest.

31. To learn to love more deeply.

32. To understand that be a strong, independent person without being in control.

33. To take responsibility for the day to day chores so that she can concentrate on Her job.

34. To learn to be graceful and respectful to Mistress or Mummy at all times.

35. To learn how to put Slave wants aside to fulfill Mistress or Mummy wants first.

36. To ignite Her passion

37. To bring Her to sexual heights She has only dreamed about.

38. To show how completely devoted She to Her only owner .

39. To prove that worthy of Her love

40. To prove that willing to try to fill all Her need and desires.

41. To bring her laughter

42. To give Him my heart, mind, body and soul with complete confidence and trust knowing that He will never hurt me.

43. To give him my support for all the decision He must make in order to provide for us.

44. To relieve the burdens he carries by taking care of me as well as our entire family.

45. To offer my opinions, suggestions and help when He is faced with a dilemma.

46. To help create a life- long relationship built on trust, respect, and a deep knowledge of His needs and desires.

47. To fulfill His fantasies.

48. To become more than just His wife but to become His only desire.

49. To earn the right to be – first in His heart, mind, body and soul.

50. To show that I am the one person His has been waiting for. The one person He wants to share His life with. The one person he knows He can trust to always put Him first and to never disrespect, dishonor or disobey Him.

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Learn From Your Mistakes Mistresses & Ladies of Superior quality Sex

Let’s face it – whether we want to admit it or not, we all make mistakes – in and out of the dungeon. And while it might seem better to simply avoid mistakes in the first place, it also seems like it would be a good idea to learn from the mistakes you do make. Whether you’re a Dominant or a submissive, you can learn from the training mistakes that you make, which will help you to develop your own skills in the dungeon, even if you don’t think you have room to improve – or even if you think it’s the problem of the other person (and it generally isn’t).

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from people about Dom/sub relationships is that the relationship is only physical. While some Dom/sub relationships can be, for many a Dom/sub relationship involves so much more.

A Dom/sub relationship gives people involved an opportunity to live a completely harmonious and balanced life with their partner in an emotional, spiritual and physical capacity. It develops a relationship where each partner knows and understands their roles, allowing for a balance between personalities, skills, emotional needs and physical desires. It provides an opportunity for both partners to work together as one harmonious unit to be able to reach the objectives that will better serve the couple. As described in ancient Chinese philosophy, it is the balance between yin and yang. It is this balance that provides such a strong foundation for the Dom/sub relationship.

So why am I telling you this? Why don’t I just explain why slaves should serve? The reason why I express this is because I believe this message becomes lost behind many peoples sexual desires. They forget that some of the biggest reasons for a slave to serve and a Dominant to control are rooted deeply within developing a beautiful loving relationship that provides the support that each partner needs throughout life.Two people are capable of doing and experiencing so much more, when they are able to live and work together in a harmonious and balanced environment.

With that said, trainee Daisy and trainee n who are both currently going through the Female submissive training program, completed their assignment where they are meant to write out 50 reasons why they wish to serve their Dominant/Master. While many people list 50 sexual reasons, trainee k and trainee n both actually expressed some genuine heartfelt reasons for their desires to serve that I felt everybody could learn from.

To be Completed fully and Continued sometime in August or September !!!

Die Domina probiert zum ersten Mal in ihrer Kindheit die Lederstiefel an Erinnerungen von 1945 bis zum 21. Jahrhundert

Original Title: The Domiartix Trying on the Leather Boots for the first time in her childhood Memories 1945 until 21st century
A Perfect Ideal Idea Gift for you is to try on the role of being a dominatrix. This doesn’t just have to be sexual. Do you like getting massages? Not a problem, ask for one and he shall obey. Need a manicure or pedicure, while you relax and watch one of your favorite shows, I’m sure your servant won’t mind obliging. How about a fresh glass of lemonade being made for you when you walk through the door after a hard day at work. Let him know that he needs to make you happy to earn the right to be Dominated in the bedroom. You might find that he responds so strongly to pleasing you that you can’t wait to get into the bedroom to give him what he has earned.While he is trying to please you, ask him what kinds of things he would enjoy you doing to him inside the bedroom. It can help to begin with some sort of list of things he wants you to do to him. This way, you will know exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t want. You can then try these things out on him, slowly. Never do too much at one time.

What does this mean? You need to slowly break down your partner in order to make him feel as though you are the one who is in charge. You will do this by having him always do certain things when you are together. For example, he might have to always call you Mistress when you are together and ask for your permission to do anything. Whenever he does not remember to do so, that’s when you either punish him or you stop the session. This sort of control method works as in order to get back to his fantasy, he needs to start paying attention to your commands.

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