from our Unique Travelling trip to London (United Kingdom) Last and Final Season of are Trip to London United Kingdom 2020

Question 5: if You & your pretty domme sister Goddess Lynn were humping Paula in the office and all Paula’s dirty holes were full of Strap ons and toys and more, all of a sudden paula decides to then to deny full access with a strap on strap-on in her mouth ?

Mistress Donna how would you feel at that time in the office

option A: Heart broken and Piss off for Goddess Lynn!.

option B: Give Goddess Lynn some more Strong help in order to!. Paula’s behaviour .

Option C : give paula a nightmare she will never forget!.

Answers to the Opinions presented by Mistress Donna : Lynn
If Paula ever deny myself or you from humping her full in all her sissy holes I would have to say all A B and C will be taken to her. You would have full permission to fuck Paula in ever possible way you would desire. I would feel very disappointed by Paula action if she refused you in any way. Paula will be punished severely going forward by both you and myself and would be in chastity for a very long time. Go ahead and add anything you like to do to Paula and don’t be shy about it. Use Paula as severely as you please and in any sexual activities you like.😀😀😚😚😍

Published by Mistress Lynn William Wellington

I am a European Mistress who like to write & read Blogs or Little Stories about other European Mistresses & I am a Dominant Female. I do not in any way submit to anyone, especially male pigs! I consider any comment or message suggesting for me to submit to anyone to be offensive. Any such messages or comments will cause you to be banned from my profile. Also I Mistress Lynn Willian Wellington invite you Welcome to ClubDom Come to a place where Women rule and men obey Our every whim. Men are broken down until they accept their true place at Our feet, on Our whipping posts and as Our playthings where they belong, as slaves. Kneeling, caged, they live to please Us and they jump when we snap our fingers. They long for the clicking of Our high heels outside their cages. Men were born as the weaker sex and in collars they will lick Our feet, bend over and take Our cocks, be locked in chastity and make Us cum! In Our large stable, they are trained to cater to Our every whim or whipped and caned otherwise. These men are broken down physically and mentally to be total slaves by the hottest and most demanding Mistresses in the world. We control their bodies, their minds, even their cocks are locked up and on Our leashes! JOIN NOW and watch Us break them down, enslave them and keep them in-line as the servants and fuck-toys they are FUCKED UP.... A Mistress stunning beauty, a gift from the Gods, born to rule over Ladies . In jodhpurs and riding boots for riding her beloved steed over her kingdom, where Ladies adore and obey her. Only one Women is worthy of her and that She is MINE , I will love and protect her. Public Members to let understand this if Click on this Him is Professional and personal online Security Slave and My Personal Secretary Slave if you ever feel the need to contact me and busy o Away on holiday o on Business the Contract him by Email and he Pass on me when I return and I am Available

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