London, United Kingdom Tour of 2000

London, United Kingdom University Trip

Myself and Best friend from University Donna had planned a spring vacation to visit The United Kingdom (London) to explore it, and to see all of London’s famous landmarks, and take in some of Londons art galleries and exhibitions, and some of the historic buildings of London itself. Our British Tour -Guide,  Rebecca Ferguson had been recommended to us by the Hotel manager, to take us to see the best sights and landmarks in London.

Day 1 : We visited Buckingham Palace and watched the Soldiers perform the changing of the guard and parade around the square in Buckingham Palace, then we asked our Fabulous little friend Rebecca which sites and landmarks to see and visit for the rest of our stay in London.

Day 2: Rebecca recommend that we take a black london cab and go enjoy Brighton, one of the most popular Beach resorts in England.  Then Rebecca joined us for a few Hours dining at a famous Michelin starred Restaurant before returning to the Hotel Room.

That same evening/night when we’d dined at the restaurant, and after a  Romantic walk on the beach we returned to the hotel at 9:50 pm, went up to our suite, and we started to make intense Love, exploring each others bodies with passionate and wild abandon, letting go and being as nasty and wild with each other as we ever had before, giving each other multiple screaming Orgasms to each
other, using every part of each other for our most sensual and erotic pleasure. When we had finished our hardcore fuckfest,  it was almost midnight, so we ordered room service to bring us up Dinner for two persons

(Goddss Lynn Meal : Rack of lamb with potato dauphinois, and seasonal vegetables, followed by pineapple upside down Cake, and rounded off with a cheese board and crackers)

(Mistress Donna Meal : local Salmon Steamed with a lemon and dill sauce entree, followed by British beef Wellington with a homemade Broccoli Cream and sauerkraut vegetables., finished with a large cherry and Strawberry flavored ice cream. )

Then Donna placed a call to the hotel lobby to set us an alarm for 7:50am ready for our next day in London.
The receptionist Telephoned our Room and Spoke me, saying breakfast is being served very soon in the hotel restaurant, Donna turned over on to her side,  and said to me,  FUCK Yes Baby lets go have Breakfast, so we left the room for Breakfast

(Mistress Donna: two Full English breakfast please, said Mistress Donna to the waiter )

Meanwhile I found us a table with a window view. From our table we had a stunning view over looking the river Thames and the houses parliament.

Day 3 :Next morning Mistress Donna had discussed
with me she wanted to meet her full time Maid Paula,  I asked Donna to make a phone call to Paula to order her to join us in London . Paula arrived nine hours later,  there was a timid tap at door Mistress Donna shouted out loudly, get the Fuck on your hands and knees,  and crawl over to my best Girlfriend from university, and greet her like the submissive slut that you are, then pull up your skirt and show her your Chastity Device, (Paula: please don’t Mistress Donna I promise that I’ll be a good girl, and prove to you my complete devotion and submission.

(Goddess Lynn: Donna this Filthy Slave maid of yours is Fucking Amazing, I have an idea, maybe tomorrow we can train her at the old building that Rebeca told us had been disused and empty )
(Mistress Donna : Fuck Yes I agree with you all the way Goddess Lynn). At three o’clock we arrived at the old building Rebeca had told us about, when we swung open the door to this old building, we found Paula already in the outfit we had chosen for her the night before , she was ready and got a Hardcore Discipline Fucking from Myself:(Goddess Lynn) & Mistress Donna ) Paula Must have been waiting for us over an hour but by the time we finally finished Fucking her up and mind Fucking her, it’s was the early hours of the morning , so Mistress Donna said lets go get breakfast because we were both very hungry.

Make Them Work Harder then Before For Lesbian Rights

When you’ve been working with a slave Over a Few Years they might begin to think they can get away with anything. And if you let them get away with being lazy, then it’s really your fault. Thankfully, there are many ways you can begin to get your slave back on track and working hard for their Master/Mistress. After all, you will want to have your slave actually work to please you, not just sit around and enjoy the benefits of being in your presence.

Warn Your Slave

The moment you begin to notice that your slave isn’t performing the way they should be, they deserve to have a warning – but only one warning. Sit your slave down in front of you, look them in the eye, and tell them that you are not happy. This should be done outside of the bedroom or dungeon, where there are no distractions. You will want to let them know that if they do not improve their behavior that you will need to find another slave. Create a time limit for them to get back on track and then dismiss them to think about what they have done – or haven’t done, as the case may be.

Increase the Training

You need to start pushing your slave harder than you have before as this will ensure they are working at their limits. You will want to increase the training sessions you have, if possible, or look for ways to make them more efficient:

* Have more drills: If your slave has been slacking on things like positions and other simple commands, then you need to drill them on these. These are the things slaves hate to do anyway, but when you want your slave to be the best, they need to know the simplest things as well as the more difficult tasks.

*Teach more commands: Have more commands for your slave to learn. No only will the newness be challenging, but they will also need to remember the old commands more quickly.
Increase the repetition: When you are testing your slave to see if they are trying hard, continue to repeat the same things again and again. While this might not be as exciting as you like, it will allow you to see if your slave tries to continue to please, even when things get boring.

* Use harder tools: Yes, it’s time to get out the whips instead of the crops. You need to test your slave’s devotion by seeing how tough they can be (within the predetermined limits).

Want to motivate a slave? Take away the thing that brings them back again and again: pleasure. Whether your slave derives pleasure from praise or from sexual satisfaction, you need to get rid of both for a while to see just how hard they are going to work. Do they work hard to please you or to get something from you? That’s what you’re trying to determine. If they don’t even try to please you, then that means they’re just not interested in you anymore. And you should dismiss them. If they are willing to spend weeks proving to you that they are going to work harder, then they are worth the extra effort you will expend.

No matter what happens, you will find your slave’s interest always ebbs and flows. But with these tips, you can get them back on track. You can always make your slave work harder than they are right now – and they will be as pleased with themselves as you are with them. Also your Slave will start feel Safe and Happier with your Company in Private or in Public the more this happens to you and your slave you both Start to have a Safer Bdsm Relationship between eath other for a life time .

Before having a Bdsm Realty Relationship with your Mistress or Mummy 1913 to 2009 (The End)

Knowing your subs limits is also an important factor to keep in mind. Just because you are the Mistress does not mean that you can be as nasty as you want. Each slave that you train will have a certain comfort level and this applies to everything from pain thresholds (for spanking or whipping) to levels of gratuities (if that is part of your domination of the person). The time to know and understand what these various limits are is early in the game.

Use these tips and You and Your subs will be able to have a long and lasting relationship. They can also help to keep You out of trouble! If you’re in an financial problems with your Bank  that means your Slaves or Submissives can keep you informed and updated meanwhile you are taking a Nap or Relaxing or watching you’re favourite Television programmes , people DON’T forget this does not mean that you are Selfish  or Rude to your Slaves or Submissives …


Before Having a Bdsm Sexual Realty Relationship with Your Mistress or Mummy. 1913 to 2009

So, you think you have what it takes to be a Mistress? Many women, all over the globe, are performing in this role and doing so successfully. They often find that they receive all of the gratification that they need, while, at the same time, providing something important to their slaves. But, there is more to being a Mistress than simply ordering a sub to do this or that. Here are some of the more important issues one must consider before cracking the whip and signing a contract.

Perhaps the most important issue to consider and understand is the issue of responsibility. As Mistress, it is up to you to keep things safe and sane, regardless of what your slave may want or beg for. There are legal ramifications if your sub is injured or dies while under your control. While these types of mishaps are rare, they do happen and often with severe repercussions to the one in charge. For this reason, it is vital that You know what You are willing and capable of doing before You take on any subs.48368456_725567014478006_7922021332991082496_o.jpg

The next issue to understand is that slaves can be complex creatures. While there are many common themes that most subs want from their experience with a Domina, there are often other more unique needs that they want on a personal level. A successful Mistress will be able to get this information out of their subs (one way or the other), and use that information to provide the slave with whatever it is he or she is looking for in the relationship.

Wait a minute! The Mistress has to provide for the sub? Yes! This is not a one-way street, unless the slave You are training or in a relationship wants to be completely controlled and have no input into what You are doing with him or her. The truth is most slaves have some type of inner need that they need to explore in order for them to have any sense of fulfillment. For instance, if your sub is into diaper play, that is something that You, as Mistress, need to know and should incorporate into your written agreement. It is also something that You, as Domina, need to be willing to provide to the sub. If Your slave’s needs are not within your comfort level, then you need to release that person and find Yourself another sub to take his or her place. This is the best course of action for the both of You 


Questionnaire Season Two all about The Strict Goddess Lynn or Professionally Known as the end of the year celerations and festivals 2018


Question 4: ever since I Change you Paula  for Man to a SLAVE have you been learning more about your experience of Bdsm and Working up Stronger Relationship with Mistress Donna ?


Answer To Question 4 : Since Mistress Lynn has completely changed me from a man to a sissy girl I have enjoyed it so much. Now being a sissy I also am looking into BDSM . I have ask Mistress Donna if she would consider changing the den into a BDSM dungeon for both Mistress Donna and myself to further our lifestyle. With the guidelines of Mistress Lynn to set it up I would be a very happy slave sissy girl.


Question 5 : What are Your Five Major points you Love Sexual about my behaviour towards  helping your BDSM relationship with your Own and Wife (Mistress Donna) , in future with Mistress Donna?


Answer To Question  5 :


1 to be tied up and not able to stop anyone from having there way with my body
2 to be told what and how to do certain things
3 to be wiped by my Mistress
4 To be blind folded and not see who cock I’m sucking
5 to be put on display in a costume of my Mistress picking with my hands tied up high

All of these choices excite me and would love to be put into all at my Mistress comand..

Wonderful Mistress Foxy for the Pretty United States of America!!

Hurts So Good

Let’s talk now about why it’s a good idea to build up your pain tolerance. First of all, when you have a longer pain tolerance, you can have longer session with your Master/Mistress, which is always a good thing. They will be able to do more for/to you without their slave needing a break or needing something to break things up until you can be ready for the pain again. Also, the more pain tolerance you have, the more easily you will be able to slip into subspace, which is never a bad thing – that floaty feeling is something that every slave wants, but needs to be ready their body for.

Every Slave is a Bit Different

But not all slaves are created alike. Though you might consider yourself to be a masochist, that doesn’t mean pain is easy to take. For other slaves, pain is so simple for them that they can’t wait for more. Depending on where you’re at, you might need different strategies for training to take on more pain. A good place to begin is to have the Master/Mistress come up with a target for the number of paddles, lashes, etc. that you should be able to take. Then, they just have to test you to see how close you are to that eventual goal. This way, the Master/Mistress can see just how close they are to getting you to their goal. And you can have a clear idea of how your progress can be measured – and how much more pain you need to learn to take.

Rewards and Punishments

To help encourage the pain process, rewards are always a good way to get a slave ready for more pain – while punishments might help to discourage troubles with taking the pain a Master or Mistress wants the slave to take. Rewards might include orgasms and privileges for particularly good sessions, while punishments might be deprivation of orgasms and stopping the session altogether to help encourage the slave to try harder.

In most cases, pain tolerance can be build up through slow and steady progression. This means that each time the pain is applied during a session, the Master or Mistress might add more and push the slave further than they think they can go. With practice and persistence, the slave will eventually be able to take the pain and then they will be able to take more and more.

In the beginning, however, it might be difficult, so the slave and the Master or Mistress might need to stop to rest for a bit to see if the slave can recover enough to try again during the same session – one of the better training techniques. Pushing as hard as the slave can take will help to not only encourage their bodies to take more pain, but mentally seeing that they can do more than they thought they could will help to enhance their pain tolerance.

No matter how you go about boosting pain tolerance, it should begin with having a goal in mind, then trying to reach that goal slowly and steadily. Just jumping in with the maximum lashes is going to hurt a slave and make them a lot less confident about ever becoming the pain slut a Master or Mistress wants them to the Relationship with their Owners

( I Donate This Novel to One & Only Mistress Foxy )

Hello Public Readers

Here is a Very Naughty and Superior and Surprise

Once upon a time in Greece I saw a Hoot Body swimming Chelsea Herrera Fagton Also Known To me as my most popular and famous Fellow student Domme/Dominatrix Lady Chera in the sea and when got out she pass me on her way back to her Hotel Sweet and her Kinky and Hoot Looks way walk pass the crowd of people including with the local press , she very Famous Looking and possible very Sexual and Domaninte like in a Very Naughty and Superior Lesbian Way. Famous that she was , all subbed she asked me to go in town for a while for few drinks and dances , then I realised she little to drunk to drive herself back hotel so I decided to call us a taxi to return us to the hotel .,

so when she had completely clear and fresh head we go for a walk from hotel to town centre to pick up her Vehicle. Later that same day after after we had picked her vehicle she ask if I was in Lesbian Domination and Reply her answer with a big fat Fucking YES . So she Professional and friendly and personal in invited me to her own private Femdom garden Party where I got Fuck Her and made Lesbian Loyal love to her and once Trueful Trusted each other company she ask me to help her Fuck her Brat and slave all Night so that what ending up doing for rest of night at her rented Apartment in Greece for week before I return to work in the city of Moscow . a few year later I receive a Thank you very Much Letter from the one and only Dominatrix and Fetish-Party Magazine Model Chelsea Herrera Fagton in the Letter was information about a other Fabulous Fetish-Party Dominatrix and Fetish-Party Magazine Model Chelsea Herrera Fagton had invited me to ! …

so when she had completely clear and fresh head we go for a walk from hotel to town centre to pick up her Vehicle. Later that same day after after we had picked her vehicle she ask if I was in Lesbian Domination and Reply her answer with a big fat Fucking YES . So she Professional and friendly and personal in invited me to her own private Femdom garden Party where I got Fuck Her and made Lesbian Loyal love to her and once Trueful Trusted each other company she ask me to help her Fuck her Brat and slave all Night so that what ending up doing for rest of night at her rented Apartment in Greece for week before I return to work in the city of Moscow . a few year later I receive a Thank you very Much Letter from the one and only Dominatrix and Fetish-Party Magazine Model Chelsea Herrera Fagton in the Letter was information about a other Fabulous Fetish-Party Dominatrix and Fetish-Party Magazine Model Chelsea Herrera Fagton had invited me to ! …

to be continued

18 Important Rules for Public Professional Business and Behaviour for a Serious BDSM Couple 2000 to 2028

1 Slave Position: On all fours, head down on the floor, bottom up
Awaiting use Position: Lying on your back, face up, hands at your side!

2 Interview Position: Kneeling up in front of the Mistress, hands in the small of the back!

3 Doggie Position: On all fours, hands and knees
Trample or Dirt Position: Lying face down on the floor, spread eagle!

4 Submissive Position: Kneeling down, bottom on heels, hands in the small of the back, eyes down!

5 Being left Position: Kneeling up, hands behind back, keeping a coin pressed onto a wall with your nose – drop it at your peril!

6 Walking Position: On all fours, ready to crawl, head on the Mistress’ right walking knee!

7 Bad boy Position: In a tiny ball, head in the corner of the room!

8 Good boy Position: Kneeling down, placing head in the Mistress’ lap!

9 Search Position: Arms up against the wall, spread eagle!

10 Club Position: Ready to crawl with your face nestled in the Mistress’ bottom or kneeling still so your face can be used as a bottom rest!

11 Punishment Position: Standing, bending forward, hands on knees
Being ignored Position: Standing, hands on head, facing a wall!

12 Humiliation Position: On all fours, legs splayed, forehead on the floor, using your hands to pull your bottom cheeks wide apart
I like to impress other Mistresses with how adept my slaves are at quickly adopting my slave positions. It makes excellent entertainment for an afternoon tea party. I find the use of a cane or crop helps immensely with making sure he gets them absolutely perfect.!

13. My slave will always address me as Goddess/Mistress. DON’T forget this and you should always respond to any of my mail and text as soon as possible as a show of respect.

14. My slave would always be loving, faithful, Loyal, caring, honest, trusted straightforward, committed, communicated passionate and romantic.

15. You must NEVER doubt or argue with my decisions. As my slave i command you to do because as a mistress i like been focus to my slave. and i don’t share slave and I shall always supersede your own, and My tiniest whim is your absolute law.

16. You must NEVER do anything bdsm related without my permission first.

17 .My slaves speaks in third person speech. Therefore you shouldn’t use the words “I,” “me,” or “mine.” Instead, say “this one,” “this slave,” or “this object.”

18. My slave will never disagree or argue with me.

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