Your Primary Goal to a Dominant/Dominatrix.

As a Master or Mistress, your primary goal is to facilitate the growth of your slave. Training is a special agreement between two people (or more) that is based on domination and submission. While it can be exciting and fun to engage your sadism with another person, what is more important is nurturing and supporting their mental and physical well-being. You can’t ignore their feelings and state of mind. Instead, you need to be careful in the way that you apply the training and you need to focus on the ways in which you are helping the slave achieve their own goals…while also fulfilling your role as a Dominant/Dominatrix.

If this is your first time with humiliation training as a Master or Mistress, it can help you to get to know this sort of training before using it. You might choose to talk with other dominants or dominatrixes, and it might help to write out an outline of what you will do before you head into the dungeon with your slave.

Ideally, you will also work closely with your slave, discuss humiliation training with them and come to an agreement before this is even attempted. Doing this sort of training without permission can lead to trust issues and a slave not feeling as though they are safe in your care. Here are some of the things you need to do when utilizing humiliation training:

The Do’s of Humiliation Training

  1. Set agreements – Since there are certain words that might cross lines of appropriateness for some slaves, you need to have strict agreements in place. This is what you can say, this is what you can’t say.
  2. Know your slave – Before everything else, you need to know your slave. You need to know what their hot buttons are, what past traumas have they experienced, what their boundaries are, and what their goals are in training. You will want to sit down together to talk about the proposed training and see what their concerns/ideas might be.
  3. Know the limits – Not only do you need to talk about the limits, but you also need to know these when you walk into a scene. If there are a lot of places that you have agreed NOT to go, then it can help to write down these things on a piece of paper that you can review during the scene. (The slave can be blindfolded so they don’t know you’re looking at your notes.)
  4. Be consistent – In humiliation training, you will also want to be consistent in what you do. This might look like doing the same sorts of scenes again and again until your slave can manage them more effectively and in the way that supports their training.
  5. Keep Records – Humiliation training can go from fun and exciting to traumatic in the blink of an eye, if you as the Dominant can’t remember where the line is. It is best to have a record in a journal of what is on and off limits and if not memorized at the very least close by and referred to during a humiliation scene. It is also a good idea to keep notes on how your submissive responds to different forms of humiliation to determine whether you should expose them to it more, or if it should never be used again.
  6. Measure success – As the training sessions continue, you will want to have some sort of measurement of success. Perhaps the slave didn’t break down as much or they were able to complete a task perfectly; these are ways to measure if the training is working or if you need to change things.
  7. Take breaks – Since this training can be intense for both parties, having times for breaks is helpful.
  8. Acknowledge progress – In addition, you will want to point out when the slave is successful, so they can know what to do in the next training session.
  9. Do repair any missteps – If you make a mistake in the way you train, apologize, stop what you are doing, and do not repeat the issue again.
  10. Praise – At the end of humiliation training, you will want to praise your slave for the things they did well. Even if they are not meeting your standards yet, they need to know they should keep trying and that you believe in them. Even a slave needs to be brought back up with words of encouragement, appreciation and respect, especially after an intense scene.
  11. Aftercare – Aftercare, aftercare and more aftercare. Did I mention aftercare? Support your submissive however, they prefer to make sure they feel safe and appreciated after an intense training session. Liquid, food, a soft blanket and some cuddles can go along way in helping your submissive to relax and rest when coming down from a powerful experience. A beautiful moment of aftercare will also foster trust within your relationship and allow your submissive to gain the strength they need to grow for future training.

The more you practice humiliation training, the more you will both benefit. You will understand how to motivate your slave in order to help them move through moments of feeling highly vulnerable. And the slave will understand that their training is allowing them to face their fears and still do as they are asked.

The Don’ts of Humiliation Training

  1. Do not overstep agreements/limits – No matter what happens during a scene and no matter how badly a slave is behaving, you can’t overstep the agreements/limits you might have in place. If things aren’t working the way you both hoped, then it’s better to stop the scene and figure out how to do things differently.
  2. Do not break a slave completely down – While your slave might say they don’t care how badly you mock them or degrade them, there is a point at which this is harmful to their mental and emotional well-being. If they are completely unable to do anything during a scene, then you need to stop and check in with them before proceeding.
  3. Do not make training impossible – Even though it might seem reasonable to make the training goals impossible, this will not give your slave any hope they will succeed. Make the goals reasonable, as you can always adjust in them as they learn more.
  4. Do not make it too personal – During your talks with your slave, make sure you know what is too personal for them. This might be the way they look or some other part of who they are that they can’t change. Focus instead on them as a slave and how they are behaving instead of who they are at their core.
  5. Do not use this as a punishment – Though humiliation can be punishing, you need to separate it from the punishments you have agreed to using.
  6. Do not avoid aftercare – At the end of a humiliation scene, your job is not to leave your slave alone to feel useless and broken. Instead, you need to let them know you care, respect and appreciate them and everything they do.

Scottish Police

From Scotland when she had left school at the age of 20 the only thing she ever wanted to be was a police woman, with a sandy coloured hair its obvious that where ever she went everyone called her sandy, even though her real name was Bridgette, time had gone on and over her career she had  had a couple of lovers but due to her job none of her relationships had lasted. She joined up straight from school did all the training required and took her job very seriously, when the exams came along to progress in life she did so, sometimes having to sit the tests more than once, but nothing phased her until as a superintendent at the age of 35 she was forced to retire ( on full pension with all the perks ) due to a shooting gone wrong and she was very nearly papalised.

After all the physio had been done she decided that moving to a different part f the country was  the wisest thing to do. what she found  was a small house near the beach where she could run every morning, it was ideal.

After some months, and people were getting to know her  she finished her run one morning and stopped at a small café where she sat out in the sun drinking a coffee when a voice said ” Brigette is that you” she turned and looked at the woman who was talking to her, it was going through her mind whether to say yes or no to the question but before she had time to respond she carried on “its been about 30 years since we saw each other , we were at school and I doubt you remember me anyway” as she said all this her mind was working overtime trying to remember then it hit her, pointing and standing at the same time “Shirley, Shirley Anne my go , sit down let me get you a drink”, she was right it had been a long time  but somehow remembered her and was glad to see her. After a hug and a kiss on the cheeks  they both sat down , Bridgette asked for a waitress and as she was asking for two coffees Shirley ann  was waving her fingers as if to say two more but she did it as Bridgette had her back to her, the drinks came and went and eventually it was time for Bridgette to go home, realising she was walking Shirley ann said oh no come on I will give you a lift. Just about to get in the car Bridgette realised nobody had paid for the drinks and was about to pay when she was told I  don’t think the owner will midland with that got in the car.

Given instructions as to where she lived Shirley anns face lit up, ” I know that house, it must have been you that out bid me “, face having gone red for the first time in a very long time Bridgette asked if she was married , the reply came back with a grin, you must be joking” I’m not sure if your ok with this but I’m a lesbian” and carried on driving, as they got to the house Bridgette stepped out of the car and asked her if she wanted to come in, after all the humming and aching she got out of the car and said ok , unknowing that Bridgette was a lesbian to, they sat and talked for ages about there lives and what had happened, then Shirley ann had to go to the toilet  and once in there things became apparent, dildos left in the sink to soak.

She came down the stairs with a dildo in each hand  looked her straight in the eye and said ” is there something you want to tell me “, for a minute Bridgette looked confused, covering her mouth with one hand “oh god”and then Shirley ann brought the dildos in from behind her back, ” its hard for me to tell people with the job I had Shirley you know how it is , that’s why I was comfortable with it when you told me”. Shirley replied” the last time we played was at school, maybe one night I can come round and play again” After that day bidgettes run always went a new route and always tried to be at the café the same time every day, but after that chance meeting as the time went bye days seemed to be weeks and weeks like months, in fact it was just about two months later, she turned up at the café thinking this is the last time I come here looking for anyone, being a retired police woman she was sure she was not going todo anything that had any kind of police work, anyway after two coffes she asked for the bill but what she got was a note that read 2 anytime next Tuesday” and there was no charge for the coffee.

Like a child waiting was the worst thing for her , the weekend came and went and on Monday night she couldn’t sleep, Tuesday came and she had been ready since 6 in the morning, thinking to herself don’t go to early,although she had been wanting to get out the door every hour, after a nap on the sofa and waking at mid day the omg came in to force her hair was a mess so to get ready again it was 1:30pm when she got into the car and started to drive, making sure her hair was right in the car mirror as a voice shouted it looks fine as it is.

As they sat together Shirley ann asked for the waitress and motioned for two drinks, Bridgette imediatley asking , they know what I drink but every now and then they don’t charge me, the reply she got was what you expected yes Shirley ann owned the café and wondered if she would pay after there chance meeting or would it be the fact that once free expect it to be free, she had her answer  put a ox on the table and said this is for you but if I were you I wouldn’t open it here.

Getting the better of her Bridgette looked at her and asked why not ” you can if you want , but if you get embarrassed when its open don’t blame me” , of course she had to open it and yes she got embarrassed went red and tried to hide it, a glass dildo, glass butt plug and some nasty nipple clamps, and the first words she could think of was ” I think you better come with me and we will have that play….

The return of Young Gretta

easily that Saturday afternoon so arrive in Germany for her Female Client (aka Paula sante dalgo  )Visiting her & ready to her Session with her.  Mistress Gretta Von Ginea  was at her Dungeon  get her clothes on  ready for her Session with  female Client and ready to submit her Client fully for her, Personal & Private uses. Mistress Gretta Von Ginea whip and beat her with the Cane whip abusing her body really well so   Mistress  Gretta Von Ginea decided then that to be a little break so herself and her Female Client could relax and rest before continuing the Session together. After three hours Mistress   Gretta Von Ginea go down stairs to start using Paula again for her uses, then all of a Sudden  the postman arrive at Mistress Gretta Von Ginea House with lots of Christmas Cards and letters for her family!!!!



(To be Continue )

French Jail House

(Ashley) She woke up that morning unusually alone knowing full well that this may be her last day of freedom for a while so some breakfast and then nerveosly dressed. Accused of murdering her girlfriend and not knowing what was going to happen , even though she knew she had not done what everyone said she had.

Driven to court under a police escort she was getting worse and worse, at the court she collapsed twice before entering, eventually she was in front of the judge and  mob that had been against her from the start, her onl hope now was the jury. As the jury came back she stood in front of the judge as he read out what the jury had written down” guilty on all charges” and for that you will serve 20 years in prison, on hearing this she collapsed and had to be carried out.

She came round in prison van with eleven other women all going to the same prison, eventually arriving they were all shuffled into a room and told to strip, she wasn’t the only one who didn’t really want to until a whip cracked across her ass and a warder shouting at her, she stripped down to bra and panties watching the others do the same until a voice shouted naked ladies naked, she took them off and covered herself as much as possible until from along the line a warder told her to spread her legs and put her hands on her knees, after making sure that all of them were not trying to smuggle things into the prison they were marched off to another room which didn’t look inviting at all.

One at a time they were al taken into a private room and came back with a tattoo of there prison number, that way they could not forget it, for the first moth they were kept naked and then given the usual orange one piece baggy cat suit, that baggy that it didn’t matter who you were or what you had done everybody had there tits on show, after deciding that if this was to be her life for  twenty years she might as well get used to it but she vowed not to do anything stupid,

not knowing the prison rules as one day she tried to step out of the way of trouble, she seemed to be apolagising to everybody until the guards came  grabbed her and the woman who started it, bothe were taken to a room and told to strip, the month of being naked got her used to it as they both stripped, another (Guard Estrella)  came in and asked who started the trouble, the other woman looking as though it wasn’t her fault she spoke up and said I’m sorry but it was my fault I was nt looking where I was going,, the guard looked at her as did her aggressor and asked are you sure about that and you want to keep it that way, yes and nodded, well as its your first offence in here I think  twenty will do as they strapped her so she couldn’t move and as a whip cracked her assand someone said one she knew what the othe nineteen were going to be. 2 years later in a French Prison south west of (Paris) Ashley for the first time meets her cell mates who were (Scott & Sidney ) both French Lesbian who in there in prison has also serving there time in Prison Crimes, Federal offenses Etc. but one dark cold night in January there got caught by a (Mistress J) mother of five kids who set up for helping her best friend Mari. Every time something went wrong between the four of them she always gat the blame , if it was just an argument between them and the lights had gone out they would pounce on her and fuck her nearly to death, if it was outside there cell she would still get the blame and each time the guards would take her away strip her , tie her in different ways depending on which part of the body they decided to whip and nearly take her skin off, after her punishment she was taken to the doctor  ( who was becoming increasingly concerned ) who upon her arrival this time put her straight on a bed faced don as her ass was bleeding from the lashes that had been administered. gently cleaning her wounds for about three days she gave her some tablets for the pain and told her not to show  anyone.

after three days the guards fetched her and took her back to her own cell where the others seemed grateful to her. while she was in the hospital wing the others had hatched a plan of escape and had no intention of taking her with them. while in pain one night and thinking no one was watching she took one of the tablets as a hand grabbed her wrist and a voice saying “well well what are these , get them off the pretty doctor did you” while arguing whose they were a guard past by and stood outside looking and listening to what they have to say, then as the guard hit the steel railed door with her baton, they stopped turned and looked thinking what now as she was pointed to and the words that came out of her supposed friends mouth ” she has drugs boss” she knew there and then no more real friends ship just play at being friends, once again she was taken to a room naked and she was ready for another whipping , but when they opened the door the doctor was stood there naked and for a second all she could think of was you really do have a good body, until the guard shouted at her right in her face “well how did you get the drugs” the doctor looked terrified until she opened her mouth and said I took them last time I was in the infirmary.

This time it was her tits  stomach and pussy that were whipped and once again taken to the inferminary, but this time the doctor couldn’t leave it alone and on her time off went to see her soliceter/ lawyer , she had to get her out. her other three cell mates had by the looks of thing made good there escape and were out and on the run, with most of the federal agencies looking for them all over Countryside (Paris France).


Humiliation by Strict & Cruel Master Alexis white

Humiliation is a favoured way to begin to create the idea of control

in a Master and slave relationship, but that doesn’t mean it

doesn’t have its own specific ways to work well – and to not work

well for a relationship.  By learning the techniques of humiliation

as well as what forms turn you on and off, your Dom/me can use this

as an effective slave training tool.

The problem with humiliation is that many Masters will jump right

into using this as a way to train their slaves – without any regard

to whether or not this will work for your training purposes.  In

the initial discussions about slave training, you should have

told the Master that this is something you enjoy or it’s something

that can be used to help mold your behaviors as the training

continues.  When this is not discussed and simply just used at the

Master’s whim, many problems can occur.

If you have had any background of true abuse and humiliation

(instead of this “play” usage), you might become emotionally

scarred by its use.  When the Master simply starts humiliating a

slave and they don’t want this in the relationship, it can cause

distrust for not keeping them safe as well as to become intimidated

by the Dom/me.  This might cause a slave to revert  to behaviors

that the Master wants, but they may also be crumbling you as a person

outside of the relationship.

Humiliation can take many forms in a slave training situation.  It

can be public displays of humiliation or it can be done in private.

Public displays of humiliation can be as subtle as having to

address the Master as ‘Master’ in public settings in front of

friends or as dramatic as having the slave masturbate in a

public place.  Private forms of humiliation can be as varied as

puppy training or something that involves golden showers.

But humiliation can also be done verbally by chastising the slave

when they do something wrong, creating the sense in the slave that

they have disappointed the Master in their actions.  It can also

include harsh words that can cause the slave to feel badly about

themselves or certain parts of themselves.  For example, by calling

someone ‘slut’ or ‘whore,’ the slave can feel like they are lower

than the Master, which can help them feel more controlled and

willing to be obedient.

Humiliation is often used as a form of punishment or during

punishment to show the slave just how disappointed the Master might

be in their actions.  When used in conjunction with punishments

like whippings and bondage, it can cause the submissive to not only

feel physically controlled, but also emotionally controlled.  This

is a highly effective way to reshape the way that slave is acting

or thinking about a certain situation.

What you may not realize is that humiliation isn’t meant to hurt

you, but rather to cause you to realize that you are your

Dom/me’s slave and to reinforce your wish to be controlled in every

way possible.

When you are incorporating humiliation in your BDSM relationship,

you need to be clear with your Dom/me to be careful to take things

very slowly and to not hit any sore spots that might irrevocably

damage you.  This is something that should be discussed in the

initial agreement as to what a scene or relationship will include.

That said, humiliation is something that many slaves enjoy in a

slave training situation because it adds to the overall control and

power struggle between them and their Master.  It allows them to

feel more objectified as a slave and more of a ‘thing’ in the


Mistress Gerdie and Her Cheating Girlfriend Olga Botte

It was Friday night and she was on her way home, she works in an environment that is with customers all day, she had been on one bus already and had to stand, there was the train and then another bus, but she started to think of her girlfriend, and in six months they would be married,, but those thoughts stopped as the bus stopped, down the steps turn right, no left then right on to the platform and hopefully get a seat the train pulled up nearly empty so a seat was there for the taking the last part of the journey was nearly there and always got a seat, eventually off the bus keys out to open the door and as she opened it she heard voices, one of which she had never heard,  she was home but not hearing any thing that she would like then,  she heard it and couldn’t believe it” come on you will have to go and help me with these sheets”.

She went back out of the door wondering what kind of girl was going to come out, and while she stood in the shadows her anger was growing , she will pay for this but how, the door opened and yes the usual thing happened it was a younger woman, no way is she going home at the moment  so with her mobile , phones home and says I will be a couple of hours late, ok no problem was the reply so to cool down she went for a drink and while there on her third drink she hears some men talking” yeah right mate just like in the middle ages” and as he said it she knew exactly what she was going to do.

She headed home got a kiss from her girlfriend and told her that she was so stressed out would you rub my neck and back for me. well the rubbing turned from one thing to another and found herself fucking the girl who said she would marry harder than ever, as in all sessions it eventually ended both of them asleep in the same bed until the morning , up showered and of to the shops, coming back about and hour later with a large bag goes through the door and up to the bedroom only to find the bitch still asleep so she unpacks a polished brass and padded chastity belt, opening the thing up, knowing it will of course wake her it was a case of being quick and gentle at the same time.

As she turned and woke the chastity belt was just being locked,  at first she smiled , not realising why and then it struck her , you are going to unlock this arnt you, the reply came back “well that all depends on the answer to my next question” she lay there almost naked  shrugged her shoulders as to say well what is it,” so who were you fucking last night”. every story has an excuse to it but there was about ten of them and all appeared to have happened at the same time , then she told her ” it stays on ”  “oh and by the way the wedding is off and you can be my own slut”

A dark night in a city

It was a dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets. But on the twelfth floor of the acme building one man still worked to answer life”s most persistent questions. Guy Noir, private eye.
Seated at his cluttered desk the cliche trench-coat wearing man was banging away at his typewriter when there was a loud buzzer at his door in the hall. With a disgruntled mumble, it being late at night, the man rose and moved to answer the door. Spying a shapely silhouette through the frosted glass of his office door he thought to himself ‘A dame, of course it had to be a dame’.
He opened the door to find.

Sky and Her Mistress Sinpiedad

she woke as usual in her bed bleerly eyed, and eventually out of bed and waiting to get into the bathroom, her turn came , into the shower cleaned up and out again , she dried mostly from the heat as in the summer it gets very hot and strolled back to her room with a towel round her but as she went to look for any clothes she found the had all been taken while she was in the shower, a knock on her door went and she answered it to the housemaid who told her she needed the towel to take it and wash it. so sitting on her bed half covered with bed linen her step father walked in saying come on a farm wont run itself, she looked at him in dismay saying I cant all my clothes have disappeared, ” oh, no they havnt disappeared if you look out the window, that fire is all your clothes ” and dragged her down the stairs naked saying you don’t need any clothes , ive seen you and my daughter smiling across the table so you can both work naked now get on with it,
        after being pushed out and told to clean the pigs out then the horse stalls and now only working as she has to but from behind her came two off the work hands and fearing the worst she covered up as best she could but to find only that they were going to tie her wrists to a bar and ankles apart. not being able to do much she hadnt got a clue what was going to happen until she heard some whistling and she knew it was the farmers daughter, “hi I’m glad its you can you untie me and let me out” no came the reply, dumbstruck she turned to see her also naked only wearing a huge strapon, ” daddy says if I fuck you out here I can have you as my own little bitch” in frustration she started to struggle out of her ties but it was no good as they were to tight
          she felt the tip of the strapon touching and teasing her then all of a sudden the whole thing was rammed in her , her breathing stopped then it was pulled out , her breathing started and this was repeated for at lest an hour when a voice said leave her alone and let her finish her work, this is not what she had in mind as she was taken to the pig sty where she was dropped  and left there covered in pig shit and told to clean it out

   this was to become normal no clothes , working naked the daughter fucking her , the only good thing she could think of is that the workers had not toutched her.

(to be continued)
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