Slave Life 2020

I am a slave to an amazing Master called (Jesús Aguilera Caballero) . i am fortunate to be living a chosen life in a service of 24/7 and have been on this journey for 8 years. Thank you Master (Jesús Aguilera Caballero)



Short History:511842133_1

O/our history began 30 years ago, as Husband and wife. Then 8 years ago my Husband became my Master and i became His slave. The journey has so far been one of the most fulfilling, passionate, and empowering times of my life.

For some this conjures up thoughts and fantasies that are wonderful and romantic, erotic and fun; Living Paris 24/7 in bondage or in a constant state of sexual arousal. Having all your fantasies and desires fulfilled while kneeling at the feet of your Master. Well yes, in many ways it is, but not always.


Let’s begin:

i have a weekly schedule of tasks and chores and it is the structure that i very much enjoy. Today is Tuesday.

Tuesday’s daily chores are cleaning the Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen; including dusting, vacuuming and washing of all floors. Complete any unfinished chores from Monday if needed, and lastly weekly grocery shopping. This day in particular i also must bring the car in for its regularly scheduled maintenance. As instructed by Master, this service needs to be done this week. As he has travel plans for the weekend.

Service has been scheduled for Tuesday 7:30 am. and i will be waiting for the service to be complete.               a14e3b04a9928cc4d6b7221c5321a06c--daddys-girl-good-girl.jpg

i made the appointment early so not to disrupt too much of the days usual routine.

5:30am: Alarm goes off. Master rises, come to my side of the bed and kisses me good morning… The fun stuff…  While Master dresses for work i make His coffee and prepare His lunch.

5:45am: Master enters the kitchen, i kneel and wish Him a good morning.  We continue with O/our spoken ritual…. Master asks if i am ready to serve Him, i respectfully reply and He invites me to stand and serve Him… i stand, kiss him, tell Him i love Him and will miss Him and walk Him to the door.

 i absolutely love beginning my day with this amazing affirmation of our relationship and roles.

5:55 i see Master to the door, remind Him of my appointment, He smiles says, “good girl, be safe and I love you too.”

6:00: Ready to serve. Wash my face, brush my hair and teeth and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Make the bed and pick up any clothing. Remove any trash from the night before and tidy up the master bathroom.. Dress, make-up and hair done.  Make sure coffee is set and read for when my dad wakes up. Although i expect to be home before he wakes i also leave him a note reminding him of my appointment.

7:00am: Leave for my service appointment.

7:25am: i arrive and wait for the service bay to open.  Being early means i was On-Time… a rule in Master’s home.

7:35am: I am checked in and waiting in the customer lounge for the car. So far the day is going exactly as planned. So i settle in and decide now would be a good time to do my daily meditation. Beads in hand i am feeling calm, centered and happy with the start of my day.                                                                       download

8:00am: Still waiting for the car, not concerned. This service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours tops.  Time to break out the kindle.  i’m not good with idle time as you can see, so i take these times to do things that specifically bring me pleasure. Sort of stealing some me time. Meditation and reading… All is good in the universe…

9:00am: Still waiting. Now i’m beginning to get concerned about the time and the chores still waiting for me at home.  Just then the customer service person comes by to give me the estimate i requested to have the cracked driver side mirror replaced.  After instructing her to order the replacement, i immediately inquired about the car.

She replied, “Oh they are taking it for a car wash, with all the snow and salt i sent them to wash it. Free of course, it should be back in just a few minutes.” So although i was a bit irritated at the time delay, i smiled graciously and thanked her for the car wash. Then i called to check in with Master.

9:15am: Call Master at work; updated him on the status of the car and the estimate, informed him that i took care of the order and will make another appointment once the part is in. Then i advised Him of my plans to do the grocery shopping on my way home and said i would text Him as soon as the car was finished. Hanging up with Master i then called my dad who was at home wondering where i was. I checked in on him and let him know i would be home shortly.

9:30am: STILL NO CAR UGH!!! Now i’m thinking i should have waited to do my meditation because my peaceful calm was starting to get a little shaky…  The service rep appears again and say – “Oh i’m just waiting for them to come and give me the keys, why don’t we just settle up the bill and then we can get you right on your way.” Again, only with a deep breath first, i smile graciously, say thank you and follow her to the cashier.  Finish up with a 10% discount on my service for the long wait and back to my seat to wait again for the keys….

9:40am: i am done waiting.  Oh did i mention for 20+ years i had a career in Customer Service/Business Operations Management.  I walk to the service desk and politely inform the service representative that it is time for her to go find out where my car is and then come back and explain to me how a standard service appointment could turn into a 3hr visit. This delay has put me behind on my chores. Even though I know Master will understand, it frustrates me because i don’t like not completing my chores in a timely fashion for Him.

9:45am: i am in the car. Before leaving i text Master that i am finished with the car and heading to the market. I assure Him all is well and i will text Him upon my return home. Then i call my dad to check in again. Now off to the market.

OK let’s take a breath and try to refocus on the remainder of the day.   

10:00am: Shopping and re-organizing my day. Will unload groceries, make sure dad has had breakfast, taken his medicine, feed the dog & cat, unload groceries, plan dad’s lunch, and begin cleaning.  Ok, this is still doable. Oh almost forgot, you are meeting Master at the gym tonight so the afternoon time schedule is shorter by 1 hour.

10:30am: Finally homePull into the driveway and prepare to unload the groceries. As i open the door into the sunroom i am greeted by a leaking roof…. Yes, the snow and ice are melting and we seem to have a leak. Two leaks to be exact.  Now i am scrambling to get towels, buckets set up and my 100lb Ridgeback wants to say hello and get my attention.  Dad is in his chair listening to the TV so loud the neighbors can hear it and i am about to exhaust the last tiniest ounce of graciousness and serves heart i think i have.

12:00pm: Buckets set, groceries unpacked and put away. Dog and cat are feed and walked. Time for dad’s lunch. First need to check in with Master. Actually i need a recharge and speaking with Master is comforting.  We touch on a few morning challenges, i gently share the leaky roof story and then we briefly review His day and i sign off with I love You and can’t wait to see You.

No drama

No panic                                                      images.jpg

And no i don’t know what to do. Just Hello Master, all is well and I will see you soon.

— Trust me when i say. This was not easy. i was wrestling with myself and my urge to lash out and it took a great deal of commitment and dedication to my craft (service is my craft) to be able to keep things in perspective and not get crazy about things… This is something i am continually working at. Self-disciple in service. Yes this is a learned behavior and one i want to master.

1:30pm: Dad and i have had lunch. i finished cleaning the kitchen and dining room. Need to vacuum before dad naps. Then wash floors begin to plan tonight’s dinner.

Dad, goes in for His nap and i sort of bulldoze my way through the remaining chores.

3:00pm: Finally Done — Feeling a bit flustered and out of sorts. The day felt like such a disaster and i have all this unsettled energy… Chores are done; i have accomplished everything even with all the extremely challenging interruptions to my very organized and scheduled life. …

So why am i not focused and feeling good about my service?

What to do….

Now this is where i get to challenge myself and work on my growth. It is extremely selfish but i need to be in a good happy place when Master gets home. i need this for me as much as He needs it from me.

The time i spend with Him is shared with so many and that deep personal connection i give Him, that it special and belongs only to Him and me. So as much as possible i honestly do everything i can to be in a positive loving place when He comes home.

The one thing that always brings me back to my center and my need to serve is to do something Just for Master. Not because it needs to be done or because it was on the schedule. I do it because i know it always pleases Him.  Today i choose to iron His work shirts even though that was not due to be completed until Friday. What amazed me was that i even chose this because honestly it is my least favorite chore…. Truly… But today this task brought a smile to my face, it gave me a place to be quiet and reflect on my life and my amazing journey and it gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job and day well done.

5:00pm: Serve dinner to dad and leave to meet Master at the gym.

6:00pm: Energizing working out with Master.

7:30pm: We return Home. Go to O/our room recite our (Afternoon mantra) Welcome Home Master, your slave missed You.

Master “It’s good to be home”. “Rise and service me”. Then, W/we enjoy a light diner salad and sharing O/our day –

8:30pm: Clean up dinner, Give dad a snack then prepare shower for Master.  Master and i shower together most evenings. I dry Him every evening.

9:00pm: Say good night to dad and retire for the evening with Master. We begin O/our evening with me on my knees in front of Master who is seated in His chair. We reconnect and commit O/ourselves to each other. O/our evening mantra. This is O/our way to refocus and center each other.  Reminded of each other’s place, roles and responsibilities in the relationship and the Master/slave lifestyle we have chosen.

W/we have once again reignited the passion and commitment to be Served and to serve. Then W/we take time to talk… Detailing with some lightheartedness and humor the day that could have been a complete disaster and cause of a serious mental break-down…and then to hear those healing words. “You did well, i am so proud of you. That’s my girl.”

10:00pm:  “Master, is there any other service this slave may provide Sir?” Yes as a matter of fact slave there is…. The rest of the night belongs to Master…For me, i ended my night safe and warm and tucked into the care and loving arms of my Master.

So in response to the article i referenced above. When you are feeling conflicted about your desires to be a submissive or slave because society says:

  • “Being in a Dominant/submissive Relationship is Wrong”
  • “Being Submissive Means You’re Weak”
  • “Only Sick People Are Into BDSM
  • “A Person Should Always Make Their Own Decisions”
  • “Submissives Are Mindless”

Ask yourself if the person who navigated through this day and ended it in the most wonderful, loving safe, happy place can be described by any of the above statements.

  • Can you see the wrong in this relationship?
  • Was i weak in my handling of the service reps. The flood or the overwhelming day?
  • Is there anything sick about wanting to provide service and pleasure to the person who provides love, support, and commitment to you?
  • Was i not able to decide how to organize the day? Did i not exhibit the ability and freedom to make a decision about the car and replacement part as well as follow up necessities to complete the job?
  • What part of this day was an example of mindlessness?

Being a submissive/slave takes great commitment, desire and dedication to learning and growth and developing your craft. Yes i believe service in all its forms is a craft to be practiced and learned and developed and nurtured.

It takes strength and the willingness to communicate and trust. It means that you are open and available to serve and in that service to find peace, comfort and passion that can, in the safety of the right relationship, surpass even your most perfect fantasy.

It means suck it up- make the change – be gracious, look at yourself with a gentle critical honest eye and

move toward the person you desire to be. It is a life journey.

And most of the time the rewards for this hard work will far exceed your wildest dreams.




House Wife & Slave (Celia Galiaño Guadilinfo )


Husband & Slave Owner (Jesús Aguilera Caballero)


Are you being too Rough to Your SLAVE

A Mistress o Master work is never done, it seems. With all of the bad things your slave is doing, you might feel as though your job is becoming harder than their job. At the same time, you might feel as though you need to be harder on your slave than ever before, but the look in their eyes doesn’t seem to be as bright as it used to be. While you’ve thought about it before, maybe you’re being too hard on your slave – and that’s what’s making them perform badly for you. Perhaps you need to adjust your Mistress-ness for a moment in order to see the results you want from your slave or slaves.

Signs You Might Be Playing Too Hard


One of the most obvious signs your Mistress o Mastework might be a little too rough is that your slave doesn’t seem to be looking forward to your sessions together. Even though they might arrive on time, there’s something about the way they’re slowly getting ready that makes you think they’re not quite ‘there’ to play with you. Another sign of possible slave wear and tear is a recent pattern of lateness. If they suddenly are showing up late to your sessions without any explanation, chances are high they are trying to stay away as long as possible. And if you’re suddenly seeing marks on your slave where there used to be no marks, you might be pushing them a little too far.

Looking at Your Contract

While the easiest way to find out about your flaws is from your slave, this can also be damaging to your power relationship. At the same time, sitting down with your slave and looking over the contract will help you both make sure you’re still on the same page in what you want from the relationship. If the contract is being followed, it seems you might need an outside source to help you determine what might be a little too rough for your slave to handle.

Calling in Reinforcements

If you have a friend who is a Mistress or a Master and your slave trusts you to bring them into your session, they might provide an extra set of eyes to help you see where you might be doing harm. Have this person simply observe the next session with your slave in order to sit down with you afterward to talk about what you might be doing incorrectly. Do not have this person talk to you during the session as their input is for you and for you alone. Your slave does not need to know that you have called in someone to help with your techniques.

Changing Your Ways Without Loosening Control

Once you have some feedback on the training you are doing, you can begin to make changes. One of the best ways to begin to loosen the too-tight grip of control is to change the kind of power you use in the sessions. If you’re primarily a Mistress who enjoys physical pain sessions, you might want to switch things up into a more humiliating style of power exchange. This will keep your slave on their toes while also still creating a power structure. Or you can exchange a more physical session if your slave is accustomed to verbal play. You might also want to implement less time with your slave for a while to show that you are serious about stepping back from your relationship if it’s not working out for the slave. This will also give you time to rest as something playing too rough is just a sign you might need a break too.


Lady Sheikh of the French Manor House!

19657228_731831853667927_4292457827697432111_n.jpgThe clock strikes on the hour, it’s time for the arrival of my visitor. The signature hum of his engine signals his arrival. One of his greatest pleasures in life is his car. A classic Bentley convertible V8 powerhouse.
Of course, one could be forgiven for thinking his car is an extension of his ego, however, that is not the case with my dear william. Quite the contrary, whilst he loves his car, it reminds him of me, the Lady of the Manor. Powerful, classy, quality, feminine, desirable, beautiful and utterly exquisite.
My dear william will keep his classic pride highly polished, spotlessly clean, gleaming and glossy, and that is how he worships my stiletto leather boots.
Oh how I love to hear his pride purr as he continues along the sweeping driveway until it rests in front of the old oak door. 612px-France_Flag_Map.svg.pngI can always visualise his face, and I know his heart will be pounding, feeling a little nervous, yet excited, as his time with me begins once more.
I swing open the door and greet him with a big smile. Oh that smile, I know, he receives an instant pang, a sudden heart felt spasm sending his mind into overdrive.
Hello my dear william, come in.
Another session is another journey, a voyage into the unknown, full of excitement, anticipation, intrigue and secrecy. Once through the large wrought iron gates, into my clutches, never knowing what the next few hours will behold.
Never knowing what I have planned for my dear william, and that’s the beauty of living in the rolling countryside within the garden of France. I’m ready to take my little willy for a stroll around my grounds while I’m adorned in my gorgeous leather. Hidden gardens, flint walls, woodland paths, old stone steps leading into another garden. Oh we’re not stopping here. Come along william, we have a little further to go, follow my leather booted footsteps, through my dense woodland. Here we are, this is where we shall begin.
I can see william’s face looking up at the big cedar trees, sycamore, pine and horse chestnut, so many trees, he had no idea just how extensive my grounds are.
His excitement of what he is about to receive was almost too much, careful my dear willy, you must contain yourself.
Thank you so much my dearest william for another truly sensational session. I know you cannot wait to return, but at least for now you may have a wonderful reminder every time you sit down!19511300_1897551157184177_4759930188658476024_n

Bondage Games Can Be Very Dangerous

Bondage can be a lot of fun for the couple that wants to spice
things up or who wants to explore a little BDSM along the way, but
when it comes to playing with bondage, there are some safety
considerations that you need to remember as well. Having fun is
one thing, but making sure that you have fun in the future too is
something you need to keep in mind.


A lot of people think that bondage is just about tying your partner
up and making sure they can’t move. Or, for others, bondage is a
game of getting someone to do something they don’t want to do
because they are tied up. But often, this narrow thinking can lead
to dangerous situations. Bondage can be hot and erotic, but it can
also be deadly – and that’s not being dramatic.


When you don’t know some basic ties and some basic rules of
bondage, you can inflict bodily harm on someone else. For example,
if you tie someone’s wrists together improperly, you can break
someone’s bones quite easily. If you suspend someone from the
ceiling by their wrists or their ankles, you can also break small
bones, permanently harming them. But being safe about bondage
isn’t just about preventing bruises and breaks; it’s also about
preventing emotional trauma – the kind that never really goes away.


Bondage is, at its core, a form of trust play. When two people
trust each other, it can be a beautiful experience in which one
person loses control by giving it up to the other person. But if
one person breaks the trust or loses the trust of the other,
bondage can be a horrifying experience. When lines are crossed
that were promised to not be crosses or the person being bound
doesn’t say anything about something hurting or being
uncomfortable, both people can be emotionally scarred from the
experience. And that doesn’t make a second attempt all that


To help make your first (or millionth) bondage experience all the
more safe and sound, here are some basic tips that you should keep
in mind when you are in a bondage situation:


**Never do bondage with someone that you don’t trust – This should be
fairly common sense, but you would be surprised to see how many
people will actually agree to a bondage scene with someone they
barely know. Even worse, they will go somewhere with this person
that they are unfamiliar with or even go to their home without
telling anyone where they are going.


**You shall not tie anyone up until you have learned some basics
and practiced on inanimate objects. When you don’t know what
you’re doing, your partner should not be a test subject.


**Do not do bondage by yourself. Someone must always be present, of
course make sure you trust them as in previous example. Never
leave someone alone, tied up and helpless. EVER. Someone should
always be in the room at all times.


**Never do bondage while either of you are intoxicated or under the
influence of drugs – This is going to hinder both of your abilities
to make solid decisions about your health and well being. For
example, someone that is drunk might not realize they are tying
someone up so tightly, while the person being tied might not feel
the pain of their bones being crushed.

A Bootbeares Confessions 2017!


Boots are made for walking?! Mmm . . perhaps it should be Admiring!
I’m always walking in BOOTS no matter what their are (LATEX OR LEATHER OR PVC) beause it’s the feel that really matter to ME & (MY SUBS) hypnotic, dreamy, and it’s definitely one for letting the imagination run away with you.
This particular pair of leather boots with lace detail have been a real hit among many of you! Oh dear, I can’t think why!!!
Now for those ALL PEOPLE out there who adore leather boots, I will be happy to write little story about you’re BOOTS that WHY all you womenout there wearing BOOTS are dedicated to REAL LIFE 24/7 Equestrian enthusiast. Leather boots feature heavily in my BDSM LIFESTYLE , and they are made for walking, also in the world their are other amongble things!
Well, I must say, the weather here is proving to be incredibly warm, it really feels as though summer is here! How wonderful.
I do hope you all have a superb bank holiday weekend, and for those outside of the UK, I wish you a most enjoyable day.
f0c545bc-2771-44be-9455-0961101750bf.jpgOh and please do not hesitate to write to me with your story / experience of leather boots. What’s your desire?, Also BOOTS ARE IMPORTANT to LADIES no matter of SIDE OR COLOUR, it’s also IMPORTANT TO US (LADIES) to have are BOOTS KETP CLEAR SO KEEP ARE PASSION IN WEARING OUR BOOTS AND SHOW MEN HOW POWERFUL WOMEN REALLY ARE TO SUBMISSIVE PEOPLE!, also Mistresses & Dommess use BOOTS in WINTER SISSONS TO KEEP THEM SELFS VERY WARM AND TO KEEP THEIR FEET VERY WARM FROM RAIN O SNOW,also BOOTS can be cleaned & should be cleaned any way the (DOMME O MISTRESS O OWNER ) see fit to have them cleaned by the SUBMISSIVE SLAVES



The Pedestal House SLAVES SPAIN


The Pedestal House Slaves have proved themselves to be an extremely popular feature of our events so far.

In fact, they have been so much in demand that we are looking to expand the current team with some new recruits.

In their distinctive red collars and striped apron uniforms, our team of well-trained slaves provide a valuable service to our female guests.

Under the strict management of Pedestal’s Female organisers, our house slaves are available for use by all mistresses attending the club.

The role requires showing obedience to any of our female guests, and providing services like :

Circulating the club with refreshments or flowers as provided by Pedestal
Offering shoe shine sevices for attending mistresses using equipment provided
Foot massage and pampering
Fetching drinks from the bar for mistresses as instructed
Any other services required by mistresses requiring a temporary slave!
Being a member of the Pedestal House slaves team is a demanding but rewarding role. the owner (Sibylla du irons ) of the pedestal house in SPAIN …


What is Protocol to SLAVES!



What is protocol to SLAVES?



Protocol – a series of rules and behaviors that are deemed appropriate and expected for certain circumstances.

In today’s BDSM society there is no set rules for protocol. Some portions of this community have a general guideline that they observe; however, even within these factions there is very little that is set in concrete.

Protocol is unique to each individual, and therefore is far more flexible than the ideal implies. There is no one specific set of protocols that fits everyone’s needs and lifestyle. Some individuals follow the Gorean lifestyle, others follow Old Guard/New Guard, some follow the European, or the Geisha style, and still others follow their own unique style that they have found works for their house. No specific style is better or worse than any other, each one must be judged for their usefulness and logic.

There are many things to think about when one establishes protocol.

1. The health and physical limitations of the individuals involved.

I normally prefer to have my slave sleep on a pallet at the foot of my bed, but that is not possible with a slave that has had a total knee replacement.

2. The location, and circumstances that the protocol will be required.

While I demand proper respect, and appropriate behavior in public it is not proper to expect my slave to kneel before me so that I may try a necklace on her in Wal-Mart.

3. The visibility of the behaviors, in regards to the general public.

Some individuals demand that the slave/sub wear no underwear, and be open and available at all times. This is wonderful at a BDSM event but not sitting in the food court at the mall, where children may be present. Always remember the general public did not consent to being involved in your lifestyle, if you expect respect then you need to show respect as well.

4. The legalities of the behavior.

Some individuals require their slave/subs to be naked at all times when they were at home. This is wonderful if you live out in the middle of no-where with no neighbors and no one comes by for a visit, but to have your slave mow the yard in the nude while your 68 yr old next door neighbor watches is a little on the illegal side.
It also is not a good idea to have your slave answer the door in the nude without first checking to see who is there, the religious groupies or the pizza delivery guy may not appreciate the body of your slave as much as you do.

5. The logic of the behavior.

Some individuals keep a slave chained or caged whenever they are not present or the slave is not in use. This is not logical, nor is it safe. What if you put your slave in his cage for the evening and then went out to dinner with a friend, when you get back you find your house on fire and police and fire fighters are everywhere, you stare at your home in disbelief and then remember your slave. A little common sense goes a long way.

6. The health issues behind a behavior.

Some individuals state that the slave has no say in who uses them sexually, and there are no requirements as to the use of condoms, in today’s society this is a huge health issue, you don’t pass around a slave to all your buddies and hope that they have been tested clean. If a slave’s health is at risk, you are at risk of losing your slave.

7. The moral or ethical issues behind a behavior.

Some individuals do not allow their slaves to say “NO”, hence if the behavior is something that the slave finds to be ethically or morally questionable then the slave will begin to question the Master/Mistress’s judgment. For example if a slave is informed that he or she will perform oral service for each guest that comes over for a BDSM party, and the slave/sub has moral issues with homosexuality; at this point the slave will begin to question the
judgment of the Master/Mistress, especially if they are fully aware of the feelings of the slave/sub.


8. The religious issues behind a behavior.

A slave is ordered to eat everything the Master/Mistress tells him or her to. However the slave is Jewish and is faced with a spiritual dilemma when the Master/Mistress orders them to eat pork roast.

9. Keep it simple.

Do not give a slave “the 69 rules of slavery” and expect your slave to memorize
each and every rule, and position; yes protocol is important but get real, do not set your slave up to fail. Also do not create so many rules that you can’t memorize them all yourself, even if the slave/sub doesn’t know all the rules you are expected to know each one by heart.

10. Do not create a rule or protocol that you do not intend to enforce.

If you are going to demand a behavior you had best be prepared to follow through with consequences when your instructions are not followed.

These are just a few examples of the magnitude of forethought that must go into a general order, or directive that is focused on protocol. I know that it seems rather a lot to consider, but in reality there has to be a lot of forethought when it comes to a required behavior. One of the biggest mistakes a Dominant can do is to create an improper rule. It shows the slave/sub that the Dominant did not take into consideration all aspects of the behavior prior to creating the rule, and it may cause the slave/sub to question the Dominant’s level of

Here are a few examples of the behaviors I expect from my slaves/subs within my home

Slave must wear appropriate clothing for unexpected vanilla guests, unless otherwise ordered.
Slave must shower each day, use deodorant, and wash hair as often as necessary (based on my discretion).
Slave must look clean and presentable at all times.
Slave must shave pubic areas; females must shave below the neck (armpits, legs).
Slave must wear a service collar at all times, unless taking a shower or otherwise directed.
Slave may not use vulgar language, or baby words…(such as pee-pee, poo-poo, or hoo-hoo).
Slave must wake up and go to bed at directed times unless ill.
Slave must address all Masters/Mistresses as Sir or Ma’am, unless otherwise directed. It is best to ask prior to using a title.
Slave will eat after I am served.
Slave must ask to go to the bathroom.
Slave must leave the door to the bathroom open unless…
There are individuals present that might be offended.
The slave feels that the odor will be offensive.
The slave is going to be sick.
Slave must sit on the commode (both male and female).
Slave is not allowed to smoke.
Slave is not permitted to drink alcohol, without explicit permission.
Slave may not use illegal drugs of any kind.
Slave must take any prescribed medications as directed and follow all advice given by a medical professional religiously.
Slave must subject him or herself to any medical treatment or testing directed by me and or a medical professional.
Slave must inform me of any physical or emotional problems.
Slave must make sure that the house is presentable at all times.
Slave must not argue with me, if there is a difference of opinion the slave may voice his or her opinion respectably.
Slave must show respect at all times, both in action and verbally.
Slave will always be honest, and answer any questions put before him or her as thoroughly as possible.
Slave may not get on computer or play games until all assigned work is completed.
Being playful is acceptable, acting like a spoiled child is not.
Slave must treat all guests with respect
Slave may not touch him or herself in a sexual manner without permission.
Slave may not achieve orgasm without permission.
Slave will notify me immediately if anyone has touched him or her in a sexual or inappropriate manner without my permission. This would include anyone that makes the slave feel uncomfortable through verbal or physical actions.
Slave will always remember that he or she is a reflection of me and behave accordingly.
When in doubt ask, if there is a question about instructions or if an order needs clarity the slave is expected to ask questions. The slave will never be punished for asking a question when done with respect, it is up to my discretion whether to answer or not.
All orders must be carried out in a timely manner.
These are some simple examples of general protocol within my home. Each individual serving in my home may have specific rules of behavior as well. Also there are rules for specific occasions as well as rules associated with specific individuals.

Here are a few more examples protocol within the home that I am familiar with.

Slave must be naked at all times.
Slave is not permitted to sit on furniture.
Slave is not allowed to speak until spoken too.
Slave is not allowed to turn his or her back on Master/Mistress.
Slave is not allowed to go to bed before Master/Mistress.
Slave must always be waiting kneeling in full Present position when Master/Mistress gets home.
Slave must never answer the phone or door.
Slave is not allowed to speak to anyone unless first approved by Master/Mistress.
Slave must knee at Master/Mistress\’s feet when not otherwise occupied.
Slave must always have his or her eyes lowered in submission.
Slave must always answer Sir, Yes Sir, Thank you, Sir (or Ma’am) .
Slave must always refer to him/her self as “this slave”, or in the third person, never in the first person.
Slave is not permitted to eat with the Master/Mistress.
To be honest I find little real purpose in rules such as these, other than to be a constant reminder of who is the Dominant and who is the submissive. Protocol within the home is not to be confused with formal protocol.

What I am speaking of is a system of rules and behaviors that are expected from a slave on a daily basis, these rules must be practical and productive. Keep it simple and keep it safe. Everything else will fall into place. 10013616_217065555158848_1890030426_n

The true means of Domme O Goddess to a SUB O A SLAVE PERSON

The adoration of woman is an ancient tradition. It can be very rewarding to explore the possible origins, influences and effects of a continuing need to indulge in woman worship. That is what we would like to try to do in this part of the site.

Several theories have been put forward to explain why so many men are aroused by the idea of kneeling down to kiss the feet of women. Often these tendencies are labelled as foot fetishism and masochism, and the argument then diverted into hypotheses as to how `foot fetishism’, the most common form of fetishism, seeds itself. Most of these explanations center around the standard idea that it is not so much the qualities of the fetish object itself which inspire, but their relation to something else at a significant moment.

Many seem to find the notion of men showing respect to women in such a profound way as kissing their feet unacceptable, and try to explain it away. It is certainly a powerful and primeval act, holding great potency and symbolism. Given society’s attitude to womanhood over recent centuries, for some this symbolism is probably extremely threatening. It is understandable, therefore, that derisory explanations are often associated with foot fetishism, traditionally ignoring it as an act of worship. How much more exciting it may be, however, to contemplate the explanation that foot fetishism is more directly related to the object of that fascination. Why not consider the idea that many men are aroused by worshipping women because it is a natural result of the power of the feminine. That the constant and ancient ritual for showing worship, kissing the foot, is an act charged with both spiritual and sexual intensity. Why not just come clean and admit that there is much about women that is worth worshipping.

We would like to dedicate this part of the site to the exploration of the divine feminine. It is not our intention to promote any kind of intellectual of theological dogma, but to collect and celebrate some of the richness of the subject. Interest in ancient and current attitudes towards the Goddess is growing rapidly as evidenced by the sheer amount of material available on the net. There is often a divide between communities involved in the sexual and spiritual worship of the feminine. We see a link between the two and would like to help bridge the gap.Over recent years a great deal of work has gone into the subject of ancient attitudes towards the feminine. Archaeologists have found evidence to suggest that woman played much more of a pivotal role in ancient societies. The further we go back the more dominant Goddess worship seems to be, and the more central the role played by women. Anthropologists like Evelyn Reed argue that matrilineal kinship systems (where name and wealth pass through the female line) are common amongst ancient and primitive societies, suggesting a natural tendency in human kind to respect the feminine and confer on women a leading role. Archaeology shows us that as we go back in time in Europe, Goddess worship becomes increasingly dominant. Maria Gimbutas has put forward convincing studies to suggest that in old Europe (pre 4000BC) Goddess worship was the norm.

The names of these female deities are numerous. Isis, Athena, Cybele, Demeter, Artemis, Kali, Bridget, Ceridwen, to name but a few. The remains of their sanctuaries and temples still survive today. Here we would like to dedicate some space for these timeless reminders of woman’s importance, and our respect and veneration of her. We would, of course, like to welcome any articles or contributions from visitors.


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