this is a Guide to a True and Successful BDSM relationship

this is  Guide to a True and Successful BDSM relationship (Goddess Phoenix) The Good Househusband’s Guide Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for her return. This is a way of letting her know that you have been thinking about her and are concerned aboutContinue reading “this is a Guide to a True and Successful BDSM relationship”

The letter for Dominatrix Rosalita

The letter of John (to Mistress Rose)   Here is the letter that was written before the castration session at Mistress Rose place.   John wrote:   “Dear Misstress I am missing our conversations and talks about the male castration. I am missing you a lot. You are on top of my fantasies about beingContinue reading “The letter for Dominatrix Rosalita”

He must serve me. He has to worship my feet.

Fantasy: Last dinner with the balls She invited me for a dinner at her place. I came. I came in the afternoon, late afternoon. She was beautiful. Her outfit was irresistibly. Black an dark blue dress, minus skirt, black nylons. she was irresistible. She was very kind with me. ……. The night Evening, night darkContinue reading “He must serve me. He has to worship my feet.”