All professionally known as 50 Real Reasons

All Reasons to Serve/to be a slave of Goddess Lynn or Mistress Donna in Winter 2019

1. To please Her

2. To service all her sexual desires

3. To make Her Mistress or Mummy very Proud or Happy

4. To provide To Mistress with Her Fullest Emotional support

5. To learn how to relinquish all control to Her Mistress or Mummy

6. To understand what Mistress or Mummy wants and to provide it for Her with

7. To share completely in Her life.

8. To thank Mistress or Mummy for choosing Her.

9. To show Mistress or Mummy that the most important thing in her life and her Mistress Life

10. To show gratitude for Mistress or Mummy love.

11. To show to Mistress or Mummy gratitude for Kindness.

12. To show gratitude to Mistress or Mummy for knowing what is best for me.

13. To show how much trust Mistress or Mummy.

14. To learn patience, for Mistress or Mummy

15. To learn to trust and move past insecurities.

16. To show how proud to belong to such a wonderful Mistress or Mummy

17. To learn to anticipate her needs and provide them without being asked.

18. To show Her the extent of desires for Her.

19. To show appreciation for Her willingness to take care of Mistress or Mummy

20. To show appreciation for how hard Her works to take care of us.

21. To show Her that recognize the sacrifices Her has made for us.

22. To help relieve stress

23. To show that can give Her a clean organized house to come home to after Her long day at work.

24. To show Her that She respect Her as Mistress , Wife and Mummy .

25. To give her peace of mind when things around Her are chaotic.

26. To provide Her with comfort and understanding.

27. To provide to her with humor when She is sad.

28. To share in Her Kinky and Wet dreams.

29. To grow our relationship beyond sex and duty

30. To experience total submission when need to be in control is not in Her best interest.

31. To learn to love more deeply.

32. To understand that be a strong, independent person without being in control.

33. To take responsibility for the day to day chores so that she can concentrate on Her job.

34. To learn to be graceful and respectful to Mistress or Mummy at all times.

35. To learn how to put Slave wants aside to fulfill Mistress or Mummy wants first.

36. To ignite Her passion

37. To bring Her to sexual heights She has only dreamed about.

38. To show how completely devoted She to Her only owner .

39. To prove that worthy of Her love

40. To prove that willing to try to fill all Her need and desires.

41. To bring her laughter

42. To give Him my heart, mind, body and soul with complete confidence and trust knowing that He will never hurt me.

43. To give him my support for all the decision He must make in order to provide for us.

44. To relieve the burdens he carries by taking care of me as well as our entire family.

45. To offer my opinions, suggestions and help when He is faced with a dilemma.

46. To help create a life- long relationship built on trust, respect, and a deep knowledge of His needs and desires.

47. To fulfill His fantasies.

48. To become more than just His wife but to become His only desire.

49. To earn the right to be – first in His heart, mind, body and soul.

50. To show that I am the one person His has been waiting for. The one person He wants to share His life with. The one person he knows He can trust to always put Him first and to never disrespect, dishonor or disobey Him.

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Published by Mistress Lynn William Wellington

I am a European Mistress who like to write & read Blogs or Little Stories about other European Mistresses & I am a Dominant Female. I do not in any way submit to anyone, especially male pigs! I consider any comment or message suggesting for me to submit to anyone to be offensive. Any such messages or comments will cause you to be banned from my profile. Also I Mistress Lynn Willian Wellington invite you Welcome to ClubDom Come to a place where Women rule and men obey Our every whim. Men are broken down until they accept their true place at Our feet, on Our whipping posts and as Our playthings where they belong, as slaves. Kneeling, caged, they live to please Us and they jump when we snap our fingers. They long for the clicking of Our high heels outside their cages. Men were born as the weaker sex and in collars they will lick Our feet, bend over and take Our cocks, be locked in chastity and make Us cum! In Our large stable, they are trained to cater to Our every whim or whipped and caned otherwise. These men are broken down physically and mentally to be total slaves by the hottest and most demanding Mistresses in the world. We control their bodies, their minds, even their cocks are locked up and on Our leashes! JOIN NOW and watch Us break them down, enslave them and keep them in-line as the servants and fuck-toys they are FUCKED UP.... A Mistress stunning beauty, a gift from the Gods, born to rule over Ladies . In jodhpurs and riding boots for riding her beloved steed over her kingdom, where Ladies adore and obey her. Only one Women is worthy of her and that She is MINE , I will love and protect her. Public Members to let understand this if Click on this Him is Professional and personal online Security Slave and My Personal Secretary Slave if you ever feel the need to contact me and busy o Away on holiday o on Business the Contract him by Email and he Pass on me when I return and I am Available

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