Her name is Rose. She works as a secretary in a big Company in England.

She is also a professional dominatrix. She is not a prostitute and never was. Only once she was force to do something like that. She had to seduce a business man and make love to him for getting something more for the Company. She was ordered to act like a Mistress and She did perfectly. It’s how she started to dominate men. She is aware that she can do all.

She likes green-black and brown outfit, minus black skirt and green blouse. She very rarely puts pantyhose on. She likes that she can exposure her cunt whenever she likes. Many times she has been fucked just in this outfit.

Her hair is irresistibly beautiful.  It is dark brown, very long and shinning. Her eyes are blue.

Three times a week she gives sessions.

She has a maid helping her for some medical session. She studied medicine for two years but later she graduated law, but works as a secretary of Mr. John, the president of the company.

Mr. John has a look of a slender man. He is tall, with brown hair and dark brown eyes.

He is also a client of Rose. She likes to dominate him. He is a boss who is dominated by her secretary very often.

Rose and her nurse assistant  Anastasia are very close to castrate him. They know very well that he likes the medical fetish and they has taken advantage on him many time.

Rose wants to castrate him since their first mutual session that took place about two years ago.

Now he has come to this last session for his manhood. He is not aware that it is going to happen this time for real.

-“Hello, dear Mistress Rose. Hi Anastasia.”

-“Hello, dear John, Mr. John but still my dear subservient slave, isn’t it!?”, said She.

He has come with a lot of Castration Fetish fantasies. The secretary Rose is aware of his Fetish. She has been waiting this session for two years. Now he has come to get castrated but he does not know yet. He thinks it will be only a play. Rose is very happy now. She has put on her best outfit described before.

-“Dear  Rose, where are you going now?

She has opened her beautiful eyes looking at him…….. “Mm, maybe I need a subservient to fuck me? Do you want to fuck me?

-“Yes, Mistress!”

-“Are you fucking alone to get castrated, dear slave?”

-“Yes, dear Rose.”

-“Say Mistress always when we are alone. Anastasia will come in a minute. She is in the bathroom.”

-“Yes, Mistress, dear Mistress.”

-“Mm, better. We shall travel together and alone in this Castration Fantasy role-play.”

-“Yes, Mistress.”

He is getting very arouse. She is getting very hot and wet. Anastasia is coming.

She has noticed now that his penis is getting harder. She wants to see his privates. She has seen his erections many times before and She always likes that.

-“Now dear Slave, would you mind if I asked you to lock the door?”


-“Do it, and put the curtains. Nobody has to see what we shall do.”

He has done it.

-“Now, take off your clothes.”

He is taking off his clothes.

-“Take it off , all!”

-“Yes, Mistress”

He has got completely naked before her. His penis is erected. It is a great erections that rare happens. His balls are lifted also, almost too much, She would say “critically”.

-“Mm, nice. On your knees slave!”

He has got on his knees as She wants. He is kneeling before her. She has showed him her beautiful legs in order to get more erection. They has got the record again.

She has noticed that his balls are also lifted and almost to enter into the groin. Indeed that has never happened to him.

-“Mm, you can’t control your erection. I see I have to teach you a lesson and correct your behavior somewhat.”

She is taking her whip that She had in her suitcase. She always has it in her suitcase a black, not too much long leather whip.

-“I ll give you a lesson. On your knees and hands.! Open the legs widely!”

-“Yes, Mistress.” He does always what She says.

She has started to whip his back, buttocks and from time to time his balls but not too much hard. It is a very gentle whipping for now, just to make him to feel some pain.

She is very wet. She was very aroused. Anastasia is looking what they are doing. She is waiting her turn. Anastasia is very beautiful. She is a blond and tall young woman. She is in her medical blue outfit. She  has put on her nurse uniform.

Rose is torturing John. She wants to castrate him in succession.

-“Ok, that’ s enough! Stand up and show me your penis and balls. Now!” said Rose.

He has stood up. He is aroused to the Sky, but his balls are almost invisible. They are lifted too much. She knowa that She had to do something. It is not a big problem for her. She knows all. She knows how to pull the balls down, to bring them back into the scrotum.

She has pulled down his testicles down back into the srotum. Great!

She has ordered him a long cunnilingus.

-“Mm, keep licking me”, said She.

He cannot talk, he has her in his mouth.

-“If you stop now, I will punish your balls.”

Now Rose has changed her mind. She has ordered him to take her from behind and get deep inside her. She very rarely allows that to her clients.

-“Take me, John. Take me deep and come there. You need to come.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress.”

He has got very deep inside her and come in a minute. She has also come a few minutes later. He has kept holding her since he left all the sperm inside her. He has been holding her breasts and the pubic area and touching and massaging her clit. She finally has come.

-“Oh, it was short but very good. Fabulous work. Well done, slave.”

-“Thank you, Mistress.”

-“Show me your balls.”

-“Yes, Mistress.” Everything is OK although he still has some erection. She likes that, but she has done what a Mistress of her reputation and glamour must have not ever done. Indeed She has allowed a subservient slave to fuck her like an animal. It has been  a fuck. She has to correct that fact.

-“You have come. I have your cum deep inside. I think that you have to pay the tall you have got.”

-“Yes, Mistress.”

-“It’ s not only money. I am not a whore.”

-“No, you are my Lady, you are my Mistress, you are all, dear Rose.”

-“After this I have to castrate you. I want you to lose these balls for me. I would do it personally when my nurse assistant.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress.”

-“You know after this you cannot be my subservient slave. You only can serve me as my eunuch subservient after this act. Are you consented that we do it now?”

He has been thinking it will be only a role-play that they have been playing since their first session. It has seemed nothing for real.
He is being aroused again.

-“Yes, Mistress. I am consented. When do you plan to castrate me? When will Anastasia come to join you?”  Anastasia has castrated more than 20 times for real.

-“Anastasia, come!”

Anastasia is coming , but this time it will be for real.

-“Yes, Mistress!”

-“This time I will not only touch your scrotum with the scalpel and make a little wound that passes in a few hours. This time Anastasia and I shall really do it. We shall cut your scrotum in order to open the passage for the testes. We shall pull them out and this time cut the cords. We shall secure the cuts, the wound, a few stitches and we shall band the wound, be nursing you, taking care of you and be sure to make you a real eunuch.”

-“Yes, dear Mistress!”

“Now, take off your clothes again and get on your knees and hands. We shall castrate you if you don’t mind.”

He has done what they said but added: “Please don’t castrate me now. I am not ready for such a big step and it could be very painful.”

She looked at Anastasia and said her:

.“Get him by his balls.”

Anastasia has taken his penis and balls in her hands. She has slapped them several times. He is crying now.

-“I wish to castrate you” said Anastasia.

He is thinking it is only a play.

-“Will you sign this paper of your submission and consent to the castration!

-“Of course, I will”

He has signed that document. He signed his castration by his secretary and mistress Rose and her assistant Anastasia.

They are tying  him up by the desk in the medical room.

Anastasia has started to shave his privates. She is doing very gently.

-“I am the surgeon” said Anastasia and added

-“I will castrate you.”

He is very much aroused. He thought it would be only a play. It has been always Anastasia’s favorite role to mock the castration.

But this time it is going to be for real.

They will surgically castrate John.11403018_1463958600567813_1457119786622092103_n

Published by Mistress Lynn William Wellington

I am a European Mistress who like to write & read Blogs or Little Stories about other European Mistresses & I am a Dominant Female. I do not in any way submit to anyone, especially male pigs! I consider any comment or message suggesting for me to submit to anyone to be offensive. Any such messages or comments will cause you to be banned from my profile. Also I Mistress Lynn Willian Wellington invite you Welcome to ClubDom Come to a place where Women rule and men obey Our every whim. Men are broken down until they accept their true place at Our feet, on Our whipping posts and as Our playthings where they belong, as slaves. Kneeling, caged, they live to please Us and they jump when we snap our fingers. They long for the clicking of Our high heels outside their cages. Men were born as the weaker sex and in collars they will lick Our feet, bend over and take Our cocks, be locked in chastity and make Us cum! In Our large stable, they are trained to cater to Our every whim or whipped and caned otherwise. These men are broken down physically and mentally to be total slaves by the hottest and most demanding Mistresses in the world. We control their bodies, their minds, even their cocks are locked up and on Our leashes! JOIN NOW and watch Us break them down, enslave them and keep them in-line as the servants and fuck-toys they are FUCKED UP.... A Mistress stunning beauty, a gift from the Gods, born to rule over Ladies . In jodhpurs and riding boots for riding her beloved steed over her kingdom, where Ladies adore and obey her. Only one Women is worthy of her and that She is MINE , I will love and protect her. Public Members to let understand this if Click on this Him is Professional and personal online Security Slave and My Personal Secretary Slave if you ever feel the need to contact me and busy o Away on holiday o on Business the Contract him by Email and he Pass on me when I return and I am Available

10 thoughts on “Secretary

  1. not my thing but in all due honesty that’s one thing this country (USA) should do to a lot of these fools that force themselves on women and especially kids. i’m all for it.
    locking the bastards up is just to damn easy.where i come from i know a few guys that would take em off and send the bastard home just like that. hell i happen to be one of them.


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