Les Filles Divines

Day One: Tracy & her friends were on their way home of the Office in the main city & then (Aure) one of Tracy friends said girls we should become (Professional Mistresses ) together that was a fantastic idea. Tracy and her divine friends to decided spent their weekend by taking a trip to France to have a peaceful weekend together before as started work on Monday.  First day in (Paris) France : Tracy arrived in France on Friday morning after spending Thursday packing their suitcases for Friday morning. When Tracy park the car then Aure said to Tracy you & Marina find the ( Parking Area) me (Aure) & Cristina will check us divine girls in the (Hotel del Carmen Gloria) then when me (Aure) and Cristina are finished doing that we will meet you (Tracy) and Marina in the hotel restaurant for some lunch after lunch Tracy & her divine friends decided to call it a day because it was late and Tracy had drove a long way nonstop.Second day in (Paris) France: On Saturday morning the divine girls wake at 8:30am & then they to decided to go downstairs for a (French Breakfast) then when the girls had finished (breakfast) decided to check out local French town called (Santa Fé anglé ) when Tracy & divine friends arrived in Santa fe angle they went into the Shopping centre of (Santa Fé anglé) to do some shopping they want food for themselves once they got back to their hotel it was lunch time so shared the food they got at (Shopping Centre).after they have lunch have free time (chill out & relax) before go out again in an hours time. Third day in (Paris) France: Later on that same Saturday Tracy & her divine friends decided to a nice & peaceful restaurant in town of (Santa Fé anglé) & Centre of town (Santa Fé anglé ) there was a French restaurant called ( Les trois petits pêcheurs français de Paris) so when Tracy & her Divine friends find the Restaurant ( Les trois petits pêcheurs français de Paris) they sit down at a table outside in the of the garden watching the boats & looking at the French sea port of (Santa Fé Anglé) then the waiter (Louis) came out & saimay I take your order for the drinks,Tracy said sir we should two beers & two coco cola light (Fifteen Minutes later) the waiter (Louis) came back to the table with their drinks,now he said lady’s may take your food please, I shall cheese burger avec de la salade (Aure) for me the poulet rôti avec des frites (Cristina) for me (Marina) & Tracy we shall share salade avec des tomates fraîches et fromage de chèvre frais thank you for your order lady’s your food will be ready soon after (Fifteen Minutes) had pass the girls started eating their lunch & drinking away then Cristina said girls please excuse me from table & the girls replied are you all right Cristina,& Cristina replied to the girls I fine only need the (Toilet)then replied girls of we wait for you (Cristina) back at the lobby area hotel so then replied Fantastic meet you there on the why the toilet Cristina bumped into a very good looking and attractive young teenage girl who was smoking in bar area so Cristina decided to her. (End of First Chapter)  

Cristina & her new French relationship The young teenage girl ( Monica Bianca) said to Cristina please sit down & join for a few drinks & Cristina replied why not don’t mind if I do said Cristina not a tall replied Bianca then Bianca smoke & Cristina replied yes smoke, then Cristina ask young teenage girl what is your name? & the young teenage girl replied to Cristina question & answered my Monica & Cristina said what a wonderful name you have Monica said Cristina reaping Monica thank you what is your name Monica said to Cristina, My is name Cristina,,,, nice to meet you Cristina said to Monica same to you so Monica. So Monica tell me what you are doing here a alone? I am Searching for a lesbian relationship with other girl, Oh Fuck answered Cristina, are you all right shouted I am Wonderful answered Cristina to Monica then Monica said to Cristina hey Cristina would like to be in a lesbian relationship with me said Monica smiling at Christina with happiness So Cristina Answered give me time to think about are little conversation if that all right said Cristina five minutes later Monica said that Great Cristina think it over & when have maid your mind up come & find me said Monica,,,, five minutes later Cristina said to Monica before leaving for her Apartment how will I find you answered Cristina by explaining to her that in the small town of (Santa Fé anglé ) were houses & next to were apartments,, Fantastic answered Cristina oh what is your apartment (Letter or Number) Monica answered Cristina its apartment 5c at the top of the stairs to right now I must go now (Shouting I Love Cristina ) quickly reaping ( I Love You Too ) that Monica was on her way home from the Restaurant. Cristina was left to walk to back the hotel & she arrived at hotel later when Cristina walk into the lobby area the other girls had gone to bed because it was later & Tommrow was their last day in France (Paris) before leaving for Home England (London) so Cristina quickly packing her suitcase for the trip home but Cristina saw Monica at hotel before Cristina left for England (London) but Cristina want to stay in Paris & get know more information about Monica,Monica promised to write love letters to Cristina & Cristina promised the same to Monica. In the morning at 11:00 am Tracy her divine friends started their long trip back to England when arriving back in England the next morning they all began work again but for Cristina her life had changed the That moment eyes on young Monica in France. ((End of  Chapter  Second ))

That same day Monica said goodbye to Cristina in town after that she arrived at her apartment & lay on her bed crying her eyes about Cristina an hour later Monica fall asleep four hours later she wake up & decided to write a love letter to Cristina in England. (The Love letter) (Dear Cristina I love you & miss you so much & you come & visit me so we get to know more about each others life’s & families & I hope you to permanently decided to stay with me in France. sincerely yours Partner Monica) after writing the love letter she when to go to the nearest post office in (Santa Fé anglé ) the post the letter to Cristina & then Monica how dose it to send this letter? Asked herself reading list of Country’s outside the post office door the final find right payment for her letter ( qui était de deux euros cinquante cents) a few days after Monica wrote the love to Cristina. There was long replied love letter back to Monica from Cristina. ( End of  Chapter Third )

Three months Cristina  decided to go and  visit Monica to tell her a secret so when Cristina at Monica apartment she pack her car in the car pack and took lift up level five when lift reached all Cristina had to do was

knock on the door of Monica apartment to see if she was in, Cristina knock twice on the door and there was no answer from Monica but Cristina decide to go for a walk around the local area five  minutes Monica wake up for her sleep not know that an hour   earlier Cristina was there Cristina local pack out Monica apartment so if Monica show up Cristina could see her. (End of Chapter Fourth) 12647059_1515010108795995_3478014787528413393_n


Published by Mistress Lynn William Wellington

I am a European Mistress who like to write & read Blogs or Little Stories about other European Mistresses & I am a Dominant Female. I do not in any way submit to anyone, especially male pigs! I consider any comment or message suggesting for me to submit to anyone to be offensive. Any such messages or comments will cause you to be banned from my profile. Also I Mistress Lynn Willian Wellington invite you Welcome to ClubDom Come to a place where Women rule and men obey Our every whim. Men are broken down until they accept their true place at Our feet, on Our whipping posts and as Our playthings where they belong, as slaves. Kneeling, caged, they live to please Us and they jump when we snap our fingers. They long for the clicking of Our high heels outside their cages. Men were born as the weaker sex and in collars they will lick Our feet, bend over and take Our cocks, be locked in chastity and make Us cum! In Our large stable, they are trained to cater to Our every whim or whipped and caned otherwise. These men are broken down physically and mentally to be total slaves by the hottest and most demanding Mistresses in the world. We control their bodies, their minds, even their cocks are locked up and on Our leashes! JOIN NOW and watch Us break them down, enslave them and keep them in-line as the servants and fuck-toys they are FUCKED UP.... A Mistress stunning beauty, a gift from the Gods, born to rule over Ladies . In jodhpurs and riding boots for riding her beloved steed over her kingdom, where Ladies adore and obey her. Only one Women is worthy of her and that She is MINE , I will love and protect her. Public Members to let understand this if Click on this https://desiresinchastity.wordpress.com/ Him is Professional and personal online Security Slave and My Personal Secretary Slave if you ever feel the need to contact me and busy o Away on holiday o on Business the Contract him by Email and he Pass on me when I return and I am Available

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